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Just popping in to run over you what’s been going attached.  Mommy took our sister Felisha Rose to the vet for the cause that she has been having diarrhea from the same end and sneezing from the other.

Felisha Rose on Mommy's chair

Felisha Rose ~ward Mommy’s chair

Felisha has been excellence about using her litter box, different Pacey Jack who uses all mommy’s throw rugs to poop in.  But her poop is so runny, it runs out of her and dribbles throughout the world.  I hear she even dribbled without interrupti~ mommy’s jacket in the vet service waiting room.

Mischief Kirk playing with Felisha Rose's toy.

Mischief Kirk playing with Felisha Rose’s toy.

As with respect to the sneezing, she sounds like an old man clearing his throat, and in that case she eats her snot. Yuck. She exactly gave this cold to brother Pacey for the reason that I’ve seen him doing the similar thing.

The vet gave her a ball for the cold.

So now Mommy has to eject Flagyl into her mouth twice a sunshine. Felisha is not happy about it, except it has to be done.  It is drollery to watch Mommy try to be alpha kitty with Felisha.  Felisha thinks she runs the condo at that time. And because she’s a young’un, Pacey and I put to hire her.

Pacey Jack getting a massage, lucky devil.

Pacey Jack getting a massage, favored devil.

Anyway, think good thoughts with a view to sister Felisha so she gets well sharp. After all, I love a capital tussle with her.  And we are just beginning to learn how to repose together.

Oh, did I say to what extent she follows Mommy around all the time?  Gotta break her of that habit. Because she efficiency give Mommy the idea we should everything be doing that.IMG_0288

This is Mischief Kirk meowing off… ~ the sake of now.

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