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I friendship the collaborative, high-octane brainstorming you be possible to only find at a conference. But, I receive to admit, its hard to change into another form PowerPoint presentations, panel discussions, and a bulky stack of business cards into one actionable plan once back in the act of worship.

I think I speak for manifold of us when I say I’d present to get something meaningful done at my next conference, in real time, while I had the civility of a cross section of other nonprofit technology leaders.

And that’s exactly for what cause I’m thrilled to be attending the Nonprofit Technology Network’s upcoming Leading Change Summit in a few weeks (September 3-6 in San Francisco). The agenda of the Leading Change Summit is unlike than anything I’ve seen in the nonprofit extent, an interesting reboot and remix of the orally transmitted conference.

The Conference Tracks:

You can find a complete overview of the LCS actual trial is here.

What I’m greatest in quantity looking forward to..

Each track is facilitated ~ dint of. experts in the field, but here’s the absolute kicker: the sessions are interactive and collaborative, with the goal of producing usable be in action products in session. Many of you perceive my deep love for PowerPoint, except I have to admit that I’m looking confident to switching it up a bridle-~.

Blackbaud is a sponsor of the Summit, and I’ll exist attending as a participant in the Future of Technology trail.  In particular, I’m looking impertinent to downloading Peter Campbell‘s thoughts, and judicial examination Alexandra Samuel’s (@awsamuel) keynote ~ward telling stories with big data, single in kind of several plenary sessions.

The sitting concludes with an Idea Accelerator on this account that those looking to develop new technology in purpose of their nonprofit’s mission. I possess no idea where that session is going to be~ne, but am definitely looking forward to the proceed!

You can check out the Summit website with a view to details,  view this webinar toward info on the unique format, and follow #14LCS on Twitter.

For those who won’t have ~ing there, I’ll try to situation a blog or two about the continued. But it looks like there are a scarcely any slots left for those who are interested—confidence to see you there!


Bo Crader


Bo Crader

One of the founding members of Blackbaud’s interactive services team, Bo Crader works in unfixed capacities as a business architect, implementation advisor and adroit tactician. Recent projects include developing a multi-seat rollout approach for a large healthcare organized existence, advising on the launch of a rebranding straining for a national federated nonprofit, and chief enterprise-wide organizational and technical assessments. A Blackbaud old hand, Bo has held positions in communications, consulting and pursuit solutions.  He worked previously in publishing and served in the martial. Specific areas of expertise include interactive strategetics, emerging technologies, solution architecture and design, and contrivance planning. Bo has been published in a amount to of publications on topics related to technology and fundraising trends. Bo holds a Master’s extent from the University of Georgia.  Bo is a attend much volunteer in his local community of Clemson, South Carolina, whither he recently led an effort to stimulus a nonprofit, and now serves being of the kind which the organization’s Board Chair.

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