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Do you remember back in 2006 or in this way when oil and gas prices were tumor and the mainstream media was talking not far from the reality of peak oil and to what extent production wasn’t keeping up through demand?  Then in 2008 in that place were those brutal highs of $140 per barrel of crude and the the creation economy started to shut down.

Since rations is basically oil, the prices of rations skyrocketed too.  Costco was limiting extreme buyers to only 3 sacks of rice by means of family.  Low priced rural properties flooded the mart as long commutes suddenly became also expensive.

Banks and financial markets teetered and the talking heads started discussing the substantive possibility that your credit card ability not work anymore.

Preppers were nervously wondering admitting that it was time to load up the family and head to the bug fully location.

And then suddenly we were conscious told about this new technology of fracking and shale oil.  And because of this commencing discoveries, America supposedly has over 100 years of combustible matter.

The price of crude dropped back more or less to the current range near $100 by means of barrel and everyone has relaxed.

But whither did that 100 years of firing suddenly come from?  Sure enough product levels in the US have advance up somewhat, but are they while substantial as the industry claims?  And at what cost?

I’ve lined up an interview with Richard Heinberg, author of “Snake Oil: How Fracking’s cover of Sanke Oil Fracking bookFalse Promise Of Plenty Imperils Our future”.  It’s a feeble book which tries to avoid hype and merely focus on actual, measurable data.  The volume sheds some very interesting light without interrupti~ the huge claims being made ~ means of the oil industry.  You be able to pick up a copy of the volume at Amazon here

As with all of the in-central part interviews I conduct, I would be enamoured of to get your input.  Have you or your common been impacted by fracking activities?  What questions answer you have for Richard?  Put your comments the floor below!

What Do You Want To Ask Richard Heinberg? Author of “Snake Oil”

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