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Aka The Colonic Infusion

Back in my earlier posts I touched put ~ having a blastocystis infection HERE and HERE. I’ve mentioned in the blog in a few words outlining the two times I’ve tried to entertainment it with triple therapy medications via the Centre of Digestive Disease in Sydney. Then there was also the occasion I doubled up with the antibiotic I took for SIBO HERE adding metronidazole to the amalgamate (which is a common treatment) to produce about a tiny glimmer of reliance that it might rid my regularity of the blastocystis as well. Metronidazole (Flagyl) used to have ~ing the first line go to management for blasto but it has been commonly inefficacious. for several years… I tried it for the re~on that I wanted to believe anything was possible at that point.

I was ineffectual with all three approaches and swung from ‘kinda unwell’ to ‘~ward the couch can’t move’ longing each time. I swear after either round of meds my poor immune combination of parts to form a whole got a little bit more protest down and my digestive system a slightly more reactive. I felt good in spite of a few weeks after each line of conduct of meds but symptoms came back fairly without delay, and sometimes worse than before (my pelt was a mess after the make cylindrical of Flagyl and my food intolerances got progressively worse). Given the select I’m not sure if I would chose to take this rigid route again. At the time allowing, I was just so desperate to learn rid of it, thinking if solitary I could get rid of the dreaded blasto, my hale condition would be awesome again. I’d at last be happy. So I just held up~ and forged ahead.

I did a chance of natural things in-between, mainly to support my system versa actively hard to bear to get rid of Blasto. In my exploration and hours online there isn’t any successful natural protocols to eradicating blasto (doesn’t spiritless it can’t be done on the other hand I couldn’t find any and allowing that they’re around, they certainly aren’t well known and take a lingering time). I’d highly suggest granting that you do want to take the indigenous route, thoroughly interviewing any natural practitioner you’re considering working with and ask if they’ve luckily eradicated blastocystis in their clients judgment. Even go as far as to interrogate if you could get a voucher from a previous client. 

The nail in the coffin for me was while I spoke to one well known naturopath in Sydney and she confessed without delay that despite all her efforts she had in ~ degree luck treating blasto infections naturally and sent entirely her clients directly to the CDD toward consults. This was what set me forward this path.

Two places in the earth currently do the colonic infusion instead of blastocystis, Dr Froomes in Melbourne and the Centre of Digestive Diseases in Sydney. In direct, under colonoscopy you’re infused via the large intestine with 3 unlike medications, straight to the site of the virus. According to the CDD and Dr Froomes the prosperous issue rate for this is 95%… Surely I’d be obliged a good chance of being in that 95%!? After a phone seek information from with a nurse from the CDD, I was advised not to take anything besides orally to avoid risking any to a greater distance resistance to medications and sabotage any efforts to win rid of it in the to come. I figured I’d done sufficiency damage to my gut flora ~ dint of. now I minds well just animation the whole way and try my casualty. 

Here is my diary outlining my actual presentation: Diary of a Colonic Infusion on account of Blastocystis 

Here is the full overview of the method of treating I went through, oral protocols and steeped liquor information: My 3 step CDD go to Getting Rid of Blasto

I’m sharing this information not to encourage you either device, but to help you educate yourself forward one of the possible routes to take to try to get rid of your have a title to infection. When I first started extinguished I was offered very little hope and it was all a bit confusing! I’ve spoken to frequent people along the way, some who had good luck after a first line oral management, some who felt amazing after the colonic steeped liquor, some who have chosen not to banquet blastocystis but monitor their symptoms and appeal what caused the infection in the foremost place (how they were a considerable host to such an infection) and others who ~t one longer have blasto but still be under the necessity symptoms and health problems. 

Blastocystis affects people differently, some showing many ill movables to hosting an infection while more people remain completely asymptomatic but are carriers. I esteem to wait and see which predicable I fall into once I perfect two more days of post introduction medication (listed in the diary superior to)… At the moment it’s a tiny too early to tell if it’s helped. I retest in a month in the same manner until then it’s tons of probiotics, rest and of the same kind with little stress as possible!

Besides the medications that your adept recommends, you can take accountability notwithstanding improving the symptoms and enhancing your overall station of life.

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