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Ottawa conveyance master plan wins OPPI award


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TORONTO – Ottawa’s of the present day transportation master plan, a project led ~ dint of. IBI Group, has flagyl drug won each excellence in planning award from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.

The awards – that recognize innovation, creativity, professionalism, problem-solving, and communications – were announced earlier this month in a com~ conference at Queen’s Park.

IBI Group worked through Morrison Hershfield and Noxon Associates up~ the body the master plan, approved unanimously through Ottawa City Council in drugstore November, 2013.

The project sets a new standard for sustainable conveyance planning in Canada, including a subjugation in per capital vehicle emissions, good in a higher degree ties what better viagra or cialis between transportation planning and land-use planning, offensive targets for sustainable transportation modes and the funding commitments required to accomplish them, and a shift in focus from achieving mobility to achieving accessibility.

Brian Hollingworth, IBI Group intend manager, noted that the award is surpassingly meaningful because of the firm’s for a ~ time history in Ottawa. “IBI Group was involved in planning Ottawa’s transitway connected view in the late 1970’s,” he declared. “Just as that project helped to mould Ottawa over the past three decades, such too will this current plan modify the face of Ottawa over the approach decades.”

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