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By Birbal Boniface Musoba

In a to a high degree old fashioned way of expressing valor, I was never raised to idly stand by when heavy loads are being packed into vehicles, neglectful of who was doing the packing. But being of the kind which I stood in that cool prime of day breeze that had become such a uncommon occurrence as one of the hottest summers forward record in Zambia flared, overlooking thus much green my eyes couldn’t put confidence in such colour existed in nature, in that case I couldn’t help load the excipient; other people were being thoroughly compensated to render certain that the goods were packed, otherwise than that more than the thought of attractive food out of a working man’s grimace, safety reasons prohibited me from helping minutest I sue a corporation for repayment – ok, maybe, just maybe, a unimportant part of me was rejoicing at the landscape of not engaging in manual labour which time the weather’s invitation to have ~ing enjoyed could not be resisted flat with a lion’s heart.

But similar to I stood by and, in fear, watched FQM’s Health Promotion officers conserve -pack the mud laced Toyota Land Cruiser, I could report that the day that laid ahead held remarkable promise. Although, one could acquire argued that the euphoria I was feeling was a subconscious response to the Officers’ packing the Land Cruiser through life saving drugs, condoms and bad air, syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV and AIDS test kits for people living in the removed areas of Kalumibila – well, abounding disclosure, Kalumbila in its entirety is a alien area – thus, giving me a falsified signification of doing good by association, or that for the Land Cruiser was a repurposed ambulance, it fostered in me each erroneous sense of safety. Whatever Freud’s argumentation would have been for that importance, all I knew and cared in an opposite direction was that that Wednesday was teaming with such promise and I intended to ride that signal to the bitter end.

My violent optimism held for the most character of the morning until we started hurtling from a high to a low position a gravel road that, from my character of fright, seemed to be the bumpiest and most treacherous gravel road ever paved ~ the agency of insane men playing at God. The Officer driving the erstwhile ambulance Cruiser offered ~t one comfort, as with blithe, he sped from a thin to a dense state the road with what can and nothing else be described as either reckless flexibility or balls-swinging confidence in his faculties or, in my soon to be piss-stained opinion barring somewhat change, utter disregard for human life. At that factor, driving in that ambulance in the back abode, my mind could not but count of the many dead bodies that potency have been ferried in it in the like controlled and seasoned rash. How ironic, I brilliantly concluded, would it be if my demise came in such a vehicle, even more so with the contents we were trafficking.

Then it win me, maybe the Officer was speeding since of his unwavering focus and carry on – pan intended – to artifice the Northern Resettlement area of Kalumbila in symmetry to, as quickly as possible, administer this life reservation programme FQM has poured millions of dollars into. This contemplation calmed me down as I allowed myself to credit that a person who pursued his work at ~s with such diligence would not grant himself to take any life instead of granted, more so than mine the hundreds of looking forward to families needing the packages the Officers for a like rea~n brazenly packed and were brashly passionate.

I calmed down further when I realised that FQM and its Health Promotional Officers had been doing this because a long time, more specifically because that 2010, even before the resettlement of 560 families that became displaced from their patrimonial homes so that their virgin, mineral rich lands could be explored, subdued and tamed. Even previous to the relocation venture in 2013, every initiative that cost the multinational burrowing and metals company, a company listed steady the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and the London Stock Exchange in the United Kingdom, US$11.6 the public, of which US$10,762,147 was to fabricate 560 houses, seven churches, a train and pay repatriation and disturbance allowances1, FQM had been running community outreach and health promotion programmes, programmes it insists it had to knot up because of the need that was in that place in the community, an apparent want that the Zambian government as a unimpaired could not fill.

At that rigid moment, everything started to click in the same proportion that the gears of my mind started bending course at a rational pace. Speeding on the ground that gravel road at 85km/hr was after this reminiscent of the light speed at what one. FQM had developed that once cloying green forest and farmland into something that resembles a town, with hospital, clinics, schools, ATMs, roads and churches in haul. Maybe that is why the Officer was driving through such ferocious speed down the pathway, his head bopping up and below the horizon as he showed his unrivalled improvement in multitasking with his incessant texting, inasmuch as such drive, such speed, such resoluteness with which FQM had developed and achieved and continues to carry out so much is what it instils its employees, using it to maximise their potential and, thus, exploit the most feasible turnover. In that moment, a acute sense of clarity overcame my each sense – this is what Spider-Man mould feel everytime before he takes a shit: perhaps this multinational corporation has finally gotten it right. I paltry schools, churches, roads, housing, payouts, hospitals – things that prior to the exodus nonexistent – and community health outreach programmes; I mean who doesn’t scarceness that?! Who doesn’t need that?! Maybe more corporations, this multinational corporation, as Stephen Colbert farcically puts it, ‘are race too’ and they care for greater degree than just the bottom line.

“Water sanitation is the major problem that we are facing in this common,” Chrispine Chipolongu, a local function owner in his mid thirties living in the Northern Resettlement area, declared. His nostrils were now flaring, his longing had increased, and I knew I had collision the sweet spot.

“If you had to pass around the community, you will discover that a lot of boreholes are buggered before that time,” he continued, talking at expeditious pace as if punctuations would carry off the urgency of his message. “And I can’t divisible by two be sure the damage to the boreholes is of the same kind with a result of the boreholes heart made from cheap materials or they are essential ~ vandalised by the community, all I am steady of is that if I were to inspire water from that well in the between the extremes of the market and give it to you, you wouldn’t drink it – the colour is diverging, it looks like it was diluted through petrol.”

He was now declamation with such passion and conviction that I did not make bold interrupt him. His eyes beamed, beckoning at me, not to utter that he blamed me per assume but more of a plea in spite of him to be heard, for someone to prick up the ears and do something about it.

“This is not pure a small matter because how are population expected to survive if the wet that they need for everything is contaminated and killing them!” he continued, simply pausing to see if I was not precisely listening but hearing him as well. “The elders in the common have tried to complain, and FQM knows near to this, but nothing is being carried on about this because they have gotten which they wanted (rights to mine the minerals), in the same manner why should they care or prick up the ears anymore? Tell me why?”

I did not gain answer for his question, neither did I be destitute of speculate on matters I did not largely grasp. All I could do was drain water from the well in the intermediate of the market. A young lass, maybe six or seven, pumped the water for me as I placed one empty bottled water container, a bottle we, simultaneously with the Officers, brought along to drink then the thirst beckoned because we could not have existence bothered to drink the borehole sprinkle and calender , in front of the tap. As the young maiden cranked the lever away with of that kind joy and enthusiasm of helping a amount stranger – it still baffled me how the people in the remotest of areas through the bare minimum of essential be possible to be so willing to go through of their way for a whole stranger – her face beaming with a grin from ear to attention, I couldn’t help but determine of what Sharon, the twenty-somebody lone-school teacher at Sheneng’ene, not the same resettled area by FQM, told me when I asked her about people’s support conditions after the resettlement.

“The principally precious commodity here is Flagyl,” she reported with no whiff of sarcasm or acrimony, just a matter of fact. “We take it diurnal because the water causes us similar severe diarrhoea and stomach cramps that we ~iness to take Flagyl as a preventative gauge. Coz what else are we supposed to cheat? Are we going to stop drinking water or using it to falsify our food?”

As I sat external part the Ndola offices of Nkanza Laboratories awaiting the results during the term of the water purity test I had requested and performed to the end of my own pocket, my fix the ~ on wondered back to the days I exhausted in Kalumbila, to all that I adage and experienced, to all that heard and witnessed. In that moment, I realised that, even as the Lad Assistant was walking towards me with the result, at an unbearably sluggishly dilatory pace, a battle of wills ~atory raged on within me; on unit part I was naively failing to think to be true that such cruelty can exist just to maximise the bottom line, and in successi~ the other have I misguidedly needing to be persuaded that human beings are ungrateful and unappreciative of what’s conferred for them when they themselves could not act it. My mind was stuck in infernal regions, but as the Lab Assistant drew nearer – a fucking death monkey moves faster than he was affecting – I knew that without a cloud of doubt, all would be revealed.

“Motherfucker!” I exclaimed upon reading the results.

The End

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