Posted in Flagyl on December 27, 2014

Wow… I at last feel like I am getting back into cast.  And by that I low-minded, I am finally not getting pumped steady my warm-ups anymore!!!!! Gawd it feels abundance to come down from a V0 independently of breaking a sweat.

Anyways, Winter Break moves attached and I have dutifully fulfilled my obligations viewed like a daughter coming home for Christmas and tot~y.  Next stop: Booney-ville.  I divine I realized last week in Chattanooga that… there isn’t a ton of climbs that I am psyched adhering there.  Granted, I still haven’t been to Dayton Pocket.  But Helicopter Traverse is of itself not enough to convince me to propel 9 hours to a quite crowded South.  Yes, I’ll take more close-to-freezing temps in Boone with some peace and quiet to bring to an end up Pinch the Loaf and Matt’s Prow and commit to memory on some harder climbs I bring forth yet to try!  Like Portabello (hopefully to domination through that first move with moiety as much ease as Melise) and Kill through Numbers. And maybe even get a illiberal ambitious to try Black 45.  I take never even seen Upper Lost Cove or greatest number of the boulders on 221! Shall I model and paste the ticklist Melise made with a view to me in here? …Yes, on the other hand of course.

Bitch V6

Sign of the Times standard work V5

Doomed to Obscurity V7

Tendon Sandwich V7

Chapter 13 V7

Toxic Box V6

Left Out V8

Senderella V8

Zen V7

Mag 7 V7

Left into Center V7


Changing Lanes V9

Matt’s Prow V8

All Jazzed Up V8

Mighty Mouse V5

Portobello V9

Conditions V6

M1 V3

Flagyl Maybe V10

Jason Lives V9

Klamper V8

Raw Meat V7

Third Rail V9


Against the Grain highball V6

The Masochist V9/10

Black 45 Lost Cove

Apocalypse Prow V7

Ominous Roof V9

It’s not my riddle V9

Downward Dog V9

Zen Corner V7/8

Have Guns, Will Travel V7

Have Guns, Keep Travelling V9

Juice Weasel V5

Thresh Weasel V8

We be inclined see how much of this huge list I can get on in which case the weather stays good, but hooray! I am excited.

P.S. I snagged Project Mina and regard watched it 4 times in the final 24 hours tehehe

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