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This serving-boy is for photographs of my breathing-pore and fistulas to help keep course of changes with them and to pageantry others what I have/had. They are not as antidote to the faint hearted! ( you have been warned)

Please hoax not be offended by these photos, they are which I live with everyday and are not going to pain you. If you think it’s ~ amount and you would rather die than receive a stoma (which believe it or not I be delivered of heard people say) then I in earnest think you need to sort your priorities through! Despite the cons that come through having a stoma and/or fistulas, as antidote to many people they are the matter that has stopped you dying! I’m contented to be a person with a pore . I may hide my sack under my clothes but that doesn’t servile I’m not proud to bring forth it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to be favored with a stoma or having bowel surgery or anything like that in the yet to be or just had it – that doesn’t intend you’re going to end up like I have! I am a rare case! Most commonalty who have surgery to form stomas are short forward – problem solved cases. Please don’t worry rational you’re going to have the similar problems as me! You  strength get a fistula, people do! But I hesitate you will get surgical problems like I accept . So please don’t panic/antic out! If you have questions from one place to another your surgery, talk to your surgeon, colorectal tend in sickness, stoma nurse, GP, a support form into ~s or you can even talk to me whether you want. I’m always here to help! 

Well, let’s set on foot at the beginning!

[Please note, greatest in number photographs are taken during bag/dressing changes so some photos will have existence a bit more yucky looking than the rest!]

[Hover your look closely over the photo for the month/year it was taken]

Well, I would, further I don’t have any photos of my cause stoma (2008-2009) anymore! I mouldiness of deleted them.

In 2010 I had three abdominal fistulas.

These fistulas were contained inside 3 bags, and the temporary fistula (next to my belly button) was contained through a dressing until it healed up. I had these fistulas from November 2009 until December 2010.

Photo’s from my BIG surgery in December 2010.


This is my stapled up cicatrice from the first operation I had in Dec 2010. I had an ileostomy also, but it wasn’t included in the photo.

Next: After existence rushed back into surgery, 10 days after the first operation, three times (i esteem) for more surgery and wash outs, I was left through an high output ileostomy (due to there only being one metre between my stomach and the stoma end) and 5 ventral drains.

Without the drains in:

Home, from 10 months in hospital, concerning good!


check out dem hips yo. OCT 2012.

March 2014. Super weird angle shot but it's labelled for you.

March 2014. Super destiny angle shot but it’s labelled in favor of you.

You can still wear cute undies with bags okay? :)

You can still wear cute undies by bags okay? 🙂

So there you require all of the yucky shots of my fistula passage over the past three/four years.

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