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Dr. Jessica Shepherd is a OB/GYN who founded Her Viewpoint like a community for women dedicated to providing a forum to discuss issues and share notice. Her mission is to empower women in their learning on their bodies and to further awareness on our options regarding our hale condition.

Here, she answers your most urgent and embarrassing questions!

Lady Parts And Sex:

Good dawn Doc! What other pelvic exercises can you do aside from Kegels to sustain your pelvic floor muscles?
You can do pelvic raises and exercise using and effort ball.

What do you consider a hard period? How many pads in a twenty-fourth part of a day should you be changing?
Heavy periods are those that you make some ~ in. a pad in less than one hour or you have shortness in slightest motion or racing of the heart suitable to anemia.

How do you interrupt yourself from having vaginal infection rear every time you have sex by a condom?

Use lubricant and try sheepskin condoms or latex-allowed condoms.

What does it mean then you haven’t been sexually at work in a year or so and you flinch having sex and afterwards, when you wiping there are streaks of blood put ~ the tissue?

That is due to dryness of the vagina and decreased lubtication. Try lubricants similar as Astroglide when having sex.

Is rise of the vagina during pregnancy legitimate?
Yes, swelling if everything in pregnancy is erect, it will resolve after you bestow birth.

My daughter has been misery from yeast infections for weeks. The adept keeps giving her vaginal creams, but it keeps re-occurring.
She indispensably to try the creams in pill cut or use boric acid. She should in addition be tested for diabetes.

I’m 39 and my chest are extremely tender, but I’m not great with child. What could that be and should I have existence concerned?

Yes, and you should take a clinical breast exam by your physician.

My female friend is 28 years shrewd and her vagina smells very wretched although she bathes, showers and is clean. How do I tell her?

Encourage her to call upon her gynecologist as it has helped you by pelvic issues and that may favor her to go. Or gently dispart the news to her and disclose her the doctor can help her with it. Don’t be afraid to pronounce something, she’ll thank you in the expiration.

Question for the doctor – How observe you get rid of hair bumps that be known from waxes (Brazilian, bikini, etc)?

Exfoliate earlier to waxing, use hot compresses precursory as well.

Can u have your vagina surgically tightened in the place of better sexual pleasure after having 4 children?
Yes, more GYNs or urogynecologists perform vaginal  rejuvenation procedures. Look that up put ~ the internet.

My breast have been soft for years. My doctor says cancer does not damage. Can you confirm this?
Cancers have power to be painful and so can hormonal changes. It should be evaluated especially if there is a line of ancestors history  of breast cancer or you are through the whole extent of 40.

What can I do notwithstanding vaginal odor? Doctor says its not a STD. Are in that place foods that will help?
Eat yogurt and make less high glycemic foods in your diet- hoary breads, flour etc.

What are some other causes of recurrent yeast infections? Diabetes and STDs be the subject of been ruled out.

Increased pH levels in the vagina, try boric sour suppositories. Ask your GYN about it!

Any recommendations on curing recurring bacterial vaginosis?

Yes, a prolonged management plan with Flagyl or Tinidazole pills.

What be possible to I do about recurring UTI’s (urinary tract infections?)
Recurrent UTIs can be treated by a prolonged course of antibiotics that your medical practitioner prescribes, but a urine culture should exist sent off first. Also you should become greater water intake significantly and decrease foods by sugar. Uncontrolled diabetes also contributes to recurring UTIs.

Hi doc, what about PMS? I find that pair weeks prior to my cycle, I am usually plebeian as hell. After my cycle, I’m ~est part as can be. What can I make for that ?

Talk to GYN surrounding antidepressants or birth control pills in quest of PMDD.

What happens and you don’t be obliged diabetes but your yeast infections detain coming back? 

Decrease high glycemic foods in your diet, happy breads, flour etc. and try boric acid suppositories prescribed ~ the agency of GYN.

What could be the bring into being of excessive discharge? I’ve been to the doctor and everything is OK, no redolence. I am well into menopause, I’m in my far advanced forties and haven’t had a cycle in about 8 years. Please make known to.

This can be completely normal!

Why work out some women get horny when they gain their period?

The changes in hormones related to your monthly cycle.

What does it indicate when your period is there excepting its not flowing?

Possibly you appropriate have a lighter flow.

Birth Control, Pregnancy, Childbirth:

I be obliged the birth control implant in my strength and my period has been up~ for 4 months straight. It may take went off a total of 5 days in 4 months, ~-end its never off longer than a twenty-four hours at a time. Is this natural and what should I do to complete it stop?

Spotting continuously is usual after implant insertion, give it a particle more time but if the bleeding doesn’t stop, consider having it removed and finding another form of progeny control.

Dr Jessica,  I’ve been forward the depo shot for 2 years and I’ve gained 20 pounds. I’m directly for a shot in two weeks, if it were not that I intend on switching to the pill. Do you have an opinion this will help with my importance loss? Will my metabolism bounce back? I’m 25. 
Try the Mirena IUD. It is a weighty option. Also decrease high glycemic foods in your diet, wan breads, flour etc.

Question for the savant: Is it true that you may receive to have your cervix stitched & have existence on bed rest during pregnancy whether you’ve had a cone biopsy prior to?

Only if you have a shortened cervix forward ultrasound that is seen during the pregnancy between 16-24 weeks.Will a adept tie your tubes if you’re 40 and don’t have any children?

Yes, they will. Also heed ESSURE or Mirena IUD.

For Dr Jessica. ..Can a woman through a high BMI (body mass integral part) have IVF (fertility treatment)? If likewise, are success rates reduced?

The rates of good luck are much lower, so if you are taking into account IVF, because it is costly, try to let slip 5-10% of your weight principal for better outcomes.

All Things Menopause: 

Hi, I bring forth a lot of those symptoms that you reported on the radio this morning could exist menopause. I’ll be 37 nearest month. Is it possible that I’m going through menopause at one early age?
Most likely, perimenopause!

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