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In adding to dental drugs prescribed outside of metronidazole What is carcinogenic

Health Advisory Description : Since 2004 , I went to the dental gums swollen ingest rice have seen several doctors who prescribed monotherapy in the place of me to go back to chew and swallow . . .
I look at the instructions about eating is actually written test in mice caused ~ dint of. human carcinogen reflect unknown :
Doctors require to help provide remote diagnostics : Dental drugs prescribed utmost except metronidazole What is carcinogenic
I express gratitude the doctor for a quick make ~ – how to treat and prevent
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Condition parsing:
Hello . Depending on your situation to heed is periodontitis or periodontal abscess create symptoms. The current situation can take metronidazole and amoxicillin . Ibuprofen. Niuhuangjiedu usage.
Guidance :
Do not eat during the racy food is easy to get out of humor . Add more water to keep the evacuation.
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I’m allergic to penicillin and Pioneer . And is reflected impact . There is no substitute . Erythromycin can also cause side effects tachycardia . Metronidazole be I have not eaten
2014-12-25 20:20 The instructor replies :
Then consult a doctor impudence to face treatment is better. I confidence to be able to help you bear questions please feel free to approach here to consult .

Condition analysis:
Hello . Your situation are gingivitis
Guidance :
Hello . Such a site is generally metronidazole with anti-tending to inflammation drugs . Again this time light diet . Eat not so much greasy . Lifestyle to the law . Drink copiousness of water

Condition analysis:
Hello, based up~ your description . Occasionally eat drugs. Is in the main not carcinogenic .
Guidance :
Drugs on the visible form can cause adverse reactions. Occasionally, medication demise not cause a significant impact in c~tinuance the body ‘s .

Condition decomposition:
Hello! Metronidazole is safe. No carcinogenic movables on people . Please be assured , in whatever degree , please take medicine during the disallowance of alcohol . Also pregnant women are besides prohibited. Answer is very simple . I confidence useful to you.
Guidance :
Metronidazole is place of ~ty. No carcinogenic effects on people . Please have ~ing assured , however , please take medicine during the prohibition of alcohol . Also pregnant women are in addition prohibited. Answer is very simple . I trustful longing useful to you.
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