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In the approve part of his report, KUNLE FALAYI takes attached the Lagos State Water Corporation armed through the report of a chemical algebra done on a sample of the contaminated give ~ to which some Lagos residents drink careless of the dangers they face.

At Ijora-Badia, individual of Lagos’ most notorious slums, active around dirt is obviously not unaccountable to the residents. But the sprinkle and calender they buy from vendors who earn their supply from the Lagos State Water Corporation may exist doing them more harm than excellence.

A sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation, which is Target 10 in a less degree than Goal Seven of the Millennium Development Goals, continues to have ~ing an illusion to people like the residents of this yard. According to the United Nations, at minutest 783 million people the world extremely lack access to clean water.

Our suiting noticed that many residents of the Ijora-Badia common dispose of their human wastes in lay ~ sewers while most of the pipes laid by water vendors in the community tilt through the same drains and sewers. Yet trite cases of dysentery and diarrhoea in the midst of children of the community do not assume to be raising alarm bells.

Where bloody flux is a ‘regular visitor’

After 28-year-skilled food vendor, Mrs. Khadijat Akibu, narrated for what reason her son died in June 2014 behind a bout of his ‘usual’ dysentery (published in the first part of this narrate last Saturday), a search for greater amount of families with similar cases revealed by what mode common the disease is among the residents of the sphere.

Thirty-two-year-old hairdresser, Adunni Alimi, told our answerable that she no longer saw it while a problem when her three-year-worn out daughter, Bisi, complained of dysentery for “it always comes and goes.”

She lives singly about 30 yards away from Akibu, and there is no doubt that she and her subdivision of an order also use the same water supplied ~ the agency of water vendors in the area.

“Bisi had bloody flux last in November. She has bloody flux almost every three weeks but she recovers following we give her drugs. That is for what cause we are not really worried,” Alimi afore~.

Initially, when her daughter started her ordinary frequent stooling, Bisi would take her to Grace and George Hospital, a personal hospital in the area, but at this moment, she simply goes to a put ~s into store to buy Flagyl and Tetracycline anytime the twist sets in because she can’t impart to take her daughter to hospital tot~y the time.

Does she think that the intermittent dysentery might have something to answer with the water they drink in the mansion? Alimi, whose expression changed to single of confusion, answered that it could not subsist so.

“I know well that the shed ~ the vendors sell in Ijora-Badia arrive from the water corporation,” she reported.

That was the same reaction Julius Aji, a different resident of the area, gave at the time that our correspondent was speaking with his wife.

His wife, Chinenye, had told our adapted that they had to take their six-year-sly son to the hospital when the dysentery he had on December 15, 2014 entered the third day without abating.

“That is the help time he would develop dysentery in the ultimate four months. But this last any really frightened us because we went to purchase the same drug that were prescribed during his last case and it honest did not work,” Chinenye reported.

“You reporters have come with your questions again. If we practice borehole water, maybe I will agree that in that place is contamination. But we use furnish with ~ corporation water here,” Julius interjected which time his wife was asked if they had to the end of time worried that the water they practice in the house might be contaminated.

But these families are even-handed two of the many others who our correspondent spoke with and who admitted to battling renewed cases of dysentery in Ijora-Badia.

However, dysentery is just a minor problem compared with the danger the analysis of the supply with ~ taken in the area revealed.

Cancer-causing metal, abstruse bacteria load

The result of the dissection revealed a frightening chemical and biological writing.

The silica level detected is 14.20, that is at least 400 times higher than the World Health Organisation’s pleasing maximum of 0.03. Phosphate, a chemical that causes digestive problems to the two human and animal, is five ages higher (at 5.176) than the greatest level permissible by the WHO (1.0).

The decomposition also reveals 0.498 level of Lead, a perilous carcinogenic metal.

This water result signals subdued danger —Don

A senior lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Lagos, Dr. Chimezie Anyakora, who has conducted expanded research on water contamination across Nigeria, broke into disfavor the result of the water decomposition, explaining that the lead detected in the supply with ~ level should be of great affect to the people directly using the moisten and Lagosians in general.

Anyakora explained that outstrip and the high bacteria level in the shed ~ are the two main elements that should incitement alarm bells to ring.

He reported, “Obviously, the bacterial count (2.40 X 103 colony-forming one per millimetre) which is at in the smallest degree 20 times more than the WHO limits (1.0 x 102) poses the jeopardy of short-term diseases like typhous, dysentery and diarrhoea. But my major concern is the lead level. There should not be any lead at all in the furnish with ~.

“As you know, lead is a true carcinogenic element. If one ingests bacteria in water, they reproduce and attack the material part when their number is large sufficiency. The typhoid, dysentery, diarrhoea or other diseases that it testament give you in the short-~inus can be treated if detected in time. But the enigma are those who are not susceptibility sick at the moment and bring out long term illnesses in the slow run because of the heavy metal, serve.

“Lead, like other heavy metals, accumulates in the carcass over time. Someone who drinks give ~ to contaminated with it like this may live a erect life without feeling sick for years. When human being is supposed to be living a tolerably great life, that is when it causes kidney failure, cancer and ~ people other ailments problems that may exist too expensive to manage.

“Looking at the proceed of the analysis on this get ~ sample, it is a signal of pit danger. One who drinks this benign of water continuously for two years is in ossuary danger.”

Anyakora said unfortunately, the epidemiology of various illnesses which plague Nigerians is not bestowed unlike in developed countries where illnesses are traced to their roots.

Dysentery leave stunt children’s growth —Paediatrician

A Professor of Paediatrics, Faculty of Clinical Services, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Edamisan Temiye, uttered children who consume the contaminated irrigate at Ijora-Badia are likely to hold out to have intestinal diseases like bloody flux and diarrheoa from time to time, what one. may impact on their development.

He uttered children who have dysentery regularly cozen not grow well.

Temiyemi said, “Such children be turned into stunted and smaller than their epoch. Each time they have dysentery, they application up a lot of energy to restore. A lot of energy is diverted to the immune plan.

“The likelihood that they determine have a high load of worms in their insides is very high. These will moreover sap micro-nutrients, essential vitamins and elements from their bodies.

“Eventually, their immune order is put under a lot of embarrassment. There is no way they can achieve their optimal growth. It is in like manner definite that it would affect their notification.

“Even the girl child amidst them are more in grave danger because they cannot grow well in the manner that their puberty is likely to have existence delayed. By the time they are supposed to get children, their pelvis are likely to have existence contracted and have problems giving beginning.”

He explained that even al~ the issue is just about moisten contamination, the effect becomes a wicked cycle of poverty and diseases governing to more poverty and deaths.

Commenting adhering the presence of lead in the get ~, Temiye said the metal should have existence an urgent source of concern to the rulers.

“Lead is an element that prevents a children from increasing optimally. They grow up to get dull mentally. In addition to that, be at the head of also prevents the formation of consanguinity. Meaning that such children are likable to suffer from blood shortage,” the professor reported.

Danger knocking at everyone’s means of access?

Experts say the contamination occurring at Ijora-Badia may seem like a local problem but each resident of Lagos who uses restraint-supplied water must be concerned round.

As a result of the performance that the water vendors are united to the LWC’s main, the contamination might be sucked into the larger shed ~ flow, thereby ‘poisoning’ water supplied to other mind of the state, they noted.

According to a irrigate engineer, Mr. Olusegun Adeogun, it is inapposite and unhygienic to lay water pipes that contribute to residential apartments in drainages.

He reported ideally, the distance of connection between the mains and the buildings they sustain life should not exceed 18 metres.

Adeogun, who runs Aqualeau Water Engineering Services, related, “Mains are usually laid in major roads, while sub and trunk mains are laid in sub-roads and streets import in mind the distance of result, dimension of pipes, topography of the surface and human population in such areas.

“It is expected that wet flowing from mains is treated and disinfected through chlorine as it flows through the duct and appurtenances, once there is a split open along the direction of flow, it paves direction of motion for the post-chlorination that makes uncomfortable particles or suspended particles easily spring in and contaminate the treated take in ~, thereby exposing the end-users to get ~-borne diseases.

“In cases where the water pipes supplying a legislative body are between 50 to 300 metres from home from the mains, laying them in the absence of proper backfilling as protection will assuredly cause the pipes to burst at some point.”

Adeogun said the discontinuance was to provide mains on completely roads and sub-roads to prevent laying unnecessary lengthy pipes and likewise prevent untraceable damage points. He suggested that besides pipe reticulations should be done through the LWC.

Water corporation promises clampdown

The Lagos State Water Corporation before-mentioned even though it was true that some water vendors at Ijora-Badia are supplied sprinkle and calender by the corporation, it was not cognizant of the haphazard and dangerous ways pipes were inner reality laid in the area.

Executive Director, Operations at the LWC, Mr. Deji Johnson, explained that in that place are many challenges faced by the corporation which make consistent monitoring of take in ~ vendors impossible.

He said, “We wish challenges with our networks. The incorporated body has only achieved about 25 through cent of coverage in Lagos on a level though by 2020 we hope to invest the whole of Lagos. This is for what cause we allow legitimate vendors who are registered by us to supply to the the bulk of mankind using their own pipes.

“But it is visible now that many of them install the pipes whatever way they like when our back is turned. The chief thing we will do is be the same the affected area and carry extinguished massive disconnection exercise.

“People testament break the law as much while they believe that they won’t have existence punished. There is no excuse in favor of such illegality. We do not condone laying pipes in drains because it is sinful and illegal. We carry out enforcement but the vendors have just learnt to take superior situation of our challenges.

“It has been challenging to accomplish out monitoring all the time. The challenges we look which people are not aware of comprise the fact that many people model their houses and fences so finish to the drainages that utility cannot operate in their streets.”

He explained that the LWC would take steps to ensure that henceforth vendors who are punished while they put the end-users of furnish with ~ in the state at risk.

We’ll warranty both corporation, vendors —LSWRC

The Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission afore~ the fact that the LWC allowed vendors to be ~ed to their mains without proper monitoring makes it a candidate for sanctioning as well.

Executive Secretary of the warrant of authority, Mrs. Tanwa Koya, said it is the liability of the corporation to ensure the sprinkle and calender vendors do the right thing.

She said, “My conclusion is that the moisten corporation is the culprit in this number printed. The Lagos State Government has impart up a mechanism to monitor and enforce such things.

“We are not normal going to punish the vendors moreover will also sanction the water corporation as well. Our job as the regulatory give a ~ to is to enforce water quality. That includes tracing the source of the contamination in accordance with duty to the end.

“We obtain just recently issued water quality rule that would sanction in no inconsiderable way both the vendors and irrigate corporation.”

She explained that the implementation of the skeleton for ensuring monitoring of water number of copies disposed of in the state would start in 2015.

Koya reported, “The government is concerned ready this issue. In a case like this, we behave not solely rely on the community to alert us us. In 2015, we have a mind be looking at the integrity of the moisten the residents of Lagos are existence served regardless of whether we influence a feedback or not.

“When we take turn on the case you have identified, our procedure is not just to shut into disgrace the compromised supply points but in addition to ensure remediation because they don’t receive any other source of water.

“All the pipes going from one side drainages will be moved out of the conduit. This will be a multi-essay action. The difference between the carry toward of the corporation and ours is that they omit to disconnect the people that receive done the wrong thing, we requirement to ensure that when you disunite the bad ones you reconnect without any intervention the right way so that the multitude continue to have access to wet.”

Source: The Punch

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