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I consider I may have posted this before but I’m wondering if anyone else has troubles.

My axolotls are fed earthworms from Australia and I’m beautiful sure they are red wigglers (extremely red, they offensive odor, and I see yellow/creamy/white excretions when my axolotls play through them) and they take them by ease, however I feed them anywhere from 15-20 a week either and they aren’t super greasy cute axolotls.. They’re just the identical width as the head at the chubbiest office, but it’s not uniform quite the way down like most axolotls I inquire who are fed 1-2 worms every couple of days..

I’m wondering grant that any other Aussies know what worms they contribute to their axolotls on, or anyone fr overseas who could instruct me what earthworms are better food wise? I feed my earthworm farm a mingle of boiled/mashed carrots and potatoes, vege shavings, bananas and melons largely. The worms I feed them are fit sized so I’m wondering for what cause my ones don’t look like those super cute chub balls.

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