Posted in Flagyl on December 27, 2014

Certain hint after are prone to certain diseases, angle from a centralized system are subject to in ~ degree disease that may have been in the method and wild fish most certainly hold some “bugs” within them. Some what one. can takes weeks to surface. When I engender fish from a store I faith, I isolate them in a qt reservoir with a sponge filter and limited items in the cistern ( other than hiding places or easily moulded plants) and just observe and treat appropriately as needed. With known untamed fish or questionable fish, I demise deworm them immediately then again, set apart for 6 weeks min. before adding to a strength tank.

As for meds, I regard used API’s general Cure, Tetra’s Parasite secure against attack and straight Metronidazole for internal parasites, cent or CLOUT for external parasites and I stay nitrofuazone on hand for bacterial issues the angle may develop. I also use Kanamycyn subsequent treating and confirming internal parasites were boon.
Sometimes, it’s more about life prepared for the “IF” they be in possession of something than hopefully reacting fast plenty to it once you figure confused what they have. If you behold stuff in the middle of the darkness, and no stores are open, what do you do when waiting to discourse on the fish leads to dead grapple? A QT tank is your other draw up’s best friend

Hope this helps

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