Posted in Flagyl on December 26, 2014

Bottom Line:

A recent antibacterial drug product (Zerbaxa) has been approved through U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use complicated type of urinary tract (cUTIs) and intra-abdominal infections (cIAIs) in adults.

Zerabex is customarily prescribed in confederacy with metronidazole to treat c UTIs.

Zerbaxa have capacity for two drug products, ceftolozane which is ~y antibiotic belongs to cephalosporin class and tazobactum which inhibits beta lectamase enzyme, thus prevents disgrace of ceftozolane.

QIDP Status:

A standing of Qualified Infectious Drug Product (QIDP) has been granted through FDA to Zerbaxa as it is sufficient against fetal infections of either bacterial or fungal derivation.


Photo credit: Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Safety and Effectiveness:

The put ~s into was found safer and clinically operative after investigating a clinical study that was conducted without interrupti~ 979 adults. They were randomly given Zerbexa more metronidazole or meropenam. The results of this study confirmed the effectiveness of Zerabex plus metronidazole in cUTIs.

Sid effects:

Most widespread margin effects that were found during this clinical attempt were;




Marketed By:

Zerbexa is centre of life marketed by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, based in Lexington, Massachusetts.


FDA News Release

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