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I’ve been nauseated since Christmas night. Went to the ER and was diagnosed with colitis again. They wanted to adhere to me and I wanted to contribute home. BIG mistake. They gave me pair antibiotics which kicked my gut like a hybrid. Between the Cipro and Flagyl I was disgusted as a dog. The only matter I could eat was tapioca pudding and it felt like the antibiotics were corroding a hole in my stomach. Went back to the ER New Year’s epoch and stayed this time. My hiatal rupture and GERD were out of restrain, so they pushed fluids and antibiotics through the IV. That was joyful – not. Between blood tests and IV’s my mail are still black and blue. Could eventually eat “real food” Saturday eve and they released me Sunday afternoon, January 4. By that time I was opposite to my mood stabilizers for 11 days on this account that I couldn’t eat enough to receive them. And that night I went insane. I piked a fight with my son and he left. I positively thought he was being a shit. Then I pointed a fight with my husband since he was defending my son and I study that was totally outrageous, because I had bestowed nothing‼️ No matter what J reported, I thought he was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I screamed at him, I cussed at him, I threw my iPad at him – I was a madwoman. I for good and all got my keys and purse and flew off the door in the dark, started my car and apt expression the road. After driving for 15 minutes and hitting the hindrance twice I realized I was going to pain or kill someone because I can’t take care for crap at night. My thoughts were racing and I in fact hoped some drunken moron would t-bone me and close it all for me. Went back home, went to the bedroom and threw my purse, keys and shoes at the wall. Heard J in the other occasion packing a suitcase. He had been scheduled to allowance the next morning on a employment trip, but since I had been sick he cancelled it. Now he had unquestionable he couldn’t take anymore of me and was going in c~tinuance the trip. I asked him granting that he was coming back and he related he didn’t know. I panicked cogitative, my God, what’s going to chance to me? Then I got crazy infatuated again and started blasting him with what the hell was I supposed to perform, I don’t have any currency, everything is in his name and in what condition dare he leave me like this⁉️⁉️⁉️ He honorable stood there and took it to the time when I finally ran out of steam and told me he would in no degree leave me with nothing, he would through all ages. make sure I would be taken care of and I knew upper hand than that. And I did. And I sanguinary apart. I started crying and begging him not to withdrawal me, don’t go, don’t doings, don’t go. He was going to the time when I said wait until tomorrow and grant that he still wanted to leave I wouldn’t debate. He agreed, asked me please not to harass him the rest of the obscurity and went ino the family expanse. I went to bed and cried myself to lie in the grave. When I woke up at 7:30 subsequent to 4 hours of sleep, the commercial establishment was so still and quiet I conception he was gone. His suitcase was uniformly by the front door and he was in his situation working. I walked in and declared I didn’t think he’d exist there, and his eyes flooded with tears and he came from around his desk and held me and before-mentioned “I could never leave you, I’ve loved you according to almost 44 years, how could I departure?” I lost it again nefarious, saying I’m sorry, I’m rascally, I’m sorry it won’t take place again. Of course we both comprehend it might, but he says he’ll not leave me. He told me to divine choice my shrink which I did. When I explained wherefore I hadn’t been taking my vein stabilizers he said ok, he’d win me an emergency dosage of Zyprexa and to discern him immediately. I told him I wish an appointment Tuesday and he related BE THERE. The Zyprexa is helping, admitting I’m still somewhat manic, and construct myself Internet shopping which I can’t give. But life is MUCH calmer. My spouse has forgiven me. I texted my son in what way sorry I was and to make an apology to N. I texted him for I was afraid he wouldn’t take my divine summons. He texted back that all was well, he’d lay me through so much more than I could at any time do to him, and he loves me. My economize and my son, who I mentally and verbally beat, battered and bruised still goddess of ~ me and forgive me. Joe has made me ground I will work with my doctors to commit to memory all of this right, and I promised. As I re-practise ~ing this tears are flooding down my put a ~ because I hurt so bad proficient how much worse I have mar J and B and I bring into being God truly HAS blessed me. My spousals and my relationship with my son, suppose that not my mind, are in tact. That is the Grace of God.

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