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Men , urinary parcel end of a prickle

Health Advisory Description : assault time is about two weeks to a month or with equal rea~n recent quarter before feeling inside Yin apparently a “point” where occasional sharp-pointed projection began to feel more now , yet did not care . . . . itch some ( continuance is also longer ) . before an begin house can be twice before . the chief few days doing almost 30 minutes to rest towards half an hour a second time how hard it up. I do not be aware of it is not because inflammation .
Observed a element no significant discharge. Urinate normally. But internal that point some itching .
No daggle sex . Girlfriend health. There ** habits.
Do not perceive because they did not pay politeness to hygiene. Suspect a urinary portion infection .
At night to eat 0.2g of metronidazole toothed 4 . Amoxicillin cephalexin federal grain .0.25g two . I do not know this medication okay . It is said to be large doses of antibiotics , ~-end asked the doctor did not have courage to eat. has started a lot of water . healed before abstinence fight shy of infection.
. Prepare yourself to take a small in number days to see the effect of the unsalable article did not improve , then it is going to the hospital to reprove if the improvement will persist afterward the symptoms disappear , then eat a week to bottom to the hospital laboratory medicine at :
Doctors necessity to help provide remote diagnosis: behave not understand this disease was exceedingly nervous now online doctor can give hope to help in the diagnosis and method of treating first thank you. . . !
I thank the adept for a quick answer – in what plight to treat and prevent
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Condition analysis:
This situation is considered exceptional urination and other symptoms due to urinary extent infection caused .
Guidance :
Recommend the good in the highest degree . Do not use too much be possible to kind of antibiotic medication according to a doctor’s guidance . Some antibiotic antagonism . Usually drink greater degree of water.
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