Posted in Flagyl on January 20, 2015

Very Positive Response – Humira

My inconsiderable H had her 3rd dose (every two weeks) of Humira. We are at the pediatric justification dose now and she is doing SO well.

This prescribed portion she did not even have the “depend-over” that I had witnessed through the loading doses and while we had been infectious a nap together on injection sunshine – she is not into it today! She has again energy than I do! Darn, I was looking assuming to that nap.

Also the enema went more smoothly. We were in and on the ~side with the nurse in 5-10 minutes.

So surpassingly happy here that I wanted to part it.

Mom to daughter,decline of life 4, diagnosed at age 3 by Crohn’s Disease
Current Treatment: Humira (started 12/2014),Vitamin D,EN
Previous Treatment: Azathioprine (discontiued 09/14 lawful claim to Pancreatitis) Flagyl, Sulfasalazine, EEN, SCD

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