Posted in Flagyl on February 1, 2015

So it’s been in regard to a week to a week and a moiety my axolotl hasn’t eaten anything. I typically accord. him those pellets that I got through in this place, and sometimes red wigglers from the topical petco. He was never a immense fan of the worms, probably since of the smell they produce. The in conclusion time he ate he had couple wigglers. He hasn’t eaten seeing that. He has had two poops inasmuch as then.

I have been offering victuals daily since about 5 days past when I realized he wasn’t catheretic. I’ve been leaving pellets in the cheer dish and I have been offering worms. He chases after my handle, and he’ll chase after the tongs/worms mete as soon as he gets complete enough to put his nose forward them he runs away like he’s been do harm to. He does this over and more than until I give up for the death. Never eats them. If I drop the worms in front of him he sniffs them and runs off still. I have tried blanching of the same kind with well as not blanching them.

As on account of the pellets he doesn’t equable go near the food dish. I tried dropping more on his head and he HAS snapped at them. Only to spittle them right back out. He’s rendered. this the last several nights. I’ve tried leaving the pellets in while I go to work or drill only to find he hasn’t touched them at the time that I get home. I even tried all night. Still won’t eat them. Last adversity I dropped some on his seat of the brain and he swallowed them. Then I mould he threw them up, half chewed, relating to an hour later.

Params are:
temps 61-64F regulated ~ dint of. a chiller.
Ammonia is 0ppm to .25ppm depending on if I changed the water or not. I’ve proper got my cycle to kick in a fragment so I’m down to two times weekly water changes rather than DAILY changes.
Nitrites are 0ppm
Nitrates are 5/10ppm, still I do think it’s 5ppm (API testkit is a slightly hard to read with that unit).
When I change his water I employment Prime to dechlorinate and make the alkaline air less toxic, I’ll be switching back to Tetra next water change since the ammonia is thus low now.
PH is 6.

I regard sand as the substrate and no quantity sharp in the tank. I application silk plants. All decor is bigger than him in this way he can’t swallow it. I was having ~y issue with mulm about a month since but it doesn’t seem like it’s each issue anymore because I don’t view any – when I do I undefiled in heart it up.

He physically looks brilliant. No weird spots on his hide or anything. Sometimes in the forenoon his gills look slightly curled ahead but they go straight by the afternoon. He’s in operation at night, swims around non-terminate as soon as I turn the chamber light off up until dawn lungs up the room. When he is unremitting his tail get’s really model, almost reddish, and you can regard his veins sometimes. His gills become really red, too. When he’s lumpish they get super pale pink. But I’m told that’s analogical because it’s just bloodflow from inmost nature active/inactive.

I know adult axolotls be able to go 5/6 days without eating. He’s 9.5 inches lingering, but still, it’s been a week or within a little two weeks. Surely that can’t have existence normal. And it does seem like he’s barren, since he does chase after meat, but then he runs away and doesn’t ingest it. I don’t understand. I tried getting hold of nightcrawlers but my local stores don’t have any. If I knew it would heal I would order them offline (granting that you know where I can act this let me know) but on the supposition that he won’t eat ANYTHING…..

Please helper, I’m beginning to think possibly he’s sick or something is unfairness internally, but IDK why – I shelter’t exposed him to anything he shouldn’t have ~ing exposed to and the only divergence in his tank parameters this month VS the rest of the time I had him was at that time the ammonia levels are lower more than .50+ daily.

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