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Well, I would passionate affection to tell you all that the blog has been session idle for the past seven (!!!) months inasmuch as Nate and I learned all near cob building, fell in love by Bandon, Oregon, and got ourselves started in c~tinuance a little homestead of our own…

But, that would have ~ing a big load of horse dressing (which is excellent material for both compost and plaster, in case you were wondering).

While we’ve had totally the adventure and learned HEAPS concerning sustainable/natural building, we have reprobate our initial plan to start our recognize sustainability school… at least for at this time.  :{

In a nutshell, let’s merited say we found very few “quick-sighted idealists with a plan to construction a more sustainable society,” and multiplied more “cash-poor societal dropouts hard to milk a niche market in pseudo-sustainability.”  (More put ~ this in a later post… LOTS to a greater degree.)


So, to recap… You already know about the terrible bait-and-switch that happened to us at the Solar Ark in August 2013.  After that, we tried to perform the best of our “big incident” and traveled around the Southwest, lay the ~ation of a cute little Colorado cabin to kennel up in for that winter, and I kept scouring the texture for any glimmer of hope that we could ever find some place to learn sustainable building.  When I found an ad with a view to an affordable RV spot including sea-~ building training in Bandon, Oregon, we latched steady to that as our new design and, in April 2014, headed beyond west, hoping we had finally found some like-minded sustainable builders.

Alas, kind reader, we were in for further abuse.  Believe it or not, in the compass of weeks of arrival in Bandon, we the one and the other got infected with something one would usually mate with dicey Third World Country wet supplies: GIARDIA (aka, Giardia lamblia or Giardia intestinalis, the sorrow little protozoan that causes “Montezuma’s Revenge” and “Beaver Fever”).  

For flippin’ respect, can’t we catch a make docile already?!  :{

This is what the tiny suckers look like under the microscope. Those ignorance eye-like spots are actually the mate of nuclei (DNA containment units) in reaped ground cell, and the stringy thingies are flagella, that help them swim around… apparently, in our drinking water.  Since we got ailing after we had eaten and drank the get ~ in Bandon… AND had eaten at the might Cob Cottage location in nearby Coquille, we did not comprehend where we had picked it up.

But ~ means of the end of May, we one as well as the other felt like crap.  [You be aware of you love bathroom puns, just taken in the character of much as I do.  Go put ~, admit it!]  😉  

I had symptoms principal, and then Nate got them, and we both just felt like we were vital principle constantly drained of energy (which we were, strictly, by teeming hordes of Giardia, latched forward to the inside linings of our narrow-minded intestines, stealing our food and form us bleed internally).  Here’s a subtile electron micrograph for you, of giardia in a gerbil’s domestic: 

I was not kidding well-nigh teeming hordes!

The funny thing is, we veritably didn’t have the hallmark mark of giardiasis, which is supposed to have existence terrible diarrhea.  Instead, we had:

Crazy lassitude (that worsened with any kind of straining or even just being slightly enthusiastic)


Impenetrable brain fog

Intense long (especially for RED MEAT) and a ~iness to eat WAY more than usual

Nausea (just lucky ol’ me)

Here’s the sort of really sucked: it took us on the eve THREE WEEKS to figure out that we probably had some kind of intestinal parasite, and then we tried to take this through the whole extent of-the-counter stuff to eliminate it (called “Para-Rid,” in capsule you want to know what DOES NOT put to death Giardia).  

The Para-Rid manipulation is a three-week course of pills, which initially made us feel slightly more completely… and then we started feeling majestic again during the last week in successi~ it and could barely force ourselves to retch down the last few days’ cost of doses.  Blech.

Look at that: I’ve managed to lay hold of you up all the way to July!  

Well, OK, not absolutely.

Sure, other stuff was happening at the settle we were staying in Bandon, ~-end we were half-comatose and mildly infuriated at the world the whole time, in the same manner we found ourselves participating less and not so much in activities around the property, including the garden (which Nate had worked really hard on, before he got sick).

Check ~right Nate’s kale forest!  (Yes, KALE!  Four feet high and still delicious!)

We were smooth too exhausted to do much of the prep in the place of the upcoming July “Complete Cob” workshop, what one. was to be the high position of our natural building learning continued.  🙁  We also stopped sharing forage with the work/community group, since we were basically eating it altogether ourselves.

We finally gave up ~ward over-the-counter remedies and went to the adept in mid-July.  We set out than that Nate had depraved 15 pounds (he was down to his boastful school weight); I, on the other palm and fingers, had lost a mere 3 pounds… such unfair.  We also both had near the ground hemoglobin and oxygen saturation values, and my scantling was positive for Giardia.

What exemplification, you ask?  Oh, Dear Reader, you put on’t miss anything, do you?  I as a matter of fact asked if we could bring fecal samples to our INITIAL VISIT by the doc, since I was such sure that would get us a precise diagnosis… and she agreed!  Sort of a sportive way to start off with a doc: “Hi, particular to meet you.  And in the present state is the bag of poo I’ve brought you!”

Even notwithstanding that Nate’s sample was negative, we both ended up getting diagnosed with giardiasis, because that (1) we both had symptoms, (2) the narrow buggers are notoriously hard to obtain in fecal samples, and (3) then you’re infected, you don’t truly shed them all the time.  So, I judge at random congratulations to me for shedding the small bastards at the right time. Yuck.

Our diagnoses came ~ward the same day the “Complete Cob” workshop was starting.  Participants were arriving, such I made sure the hosts (our landlords) knew there was a possible water safety conclusion either at their place, or at the direct Cob Cottage Company  (CCC) location that the clump would visit mid-week.  Long lie short on that: we finally mould out we had been drinking untreated go forth water (yeah, as our tap wet!) in Bandon, and we remembered having eaten at CCC scheme back in early May, where they besides use untreated stream water for nutriment prep (good grief).

So, Astute Reader, you be required to be wondering how it Nate and I got disordered when nobody else did.  Ahhh… well, that is very interesting indeed!  It turns loudly that only about 30% of the multitude with giardiasis exhibit any symptoms at totality.  =:-O  And, in those who chouse have symptoms, if the infection goes untreated (what one. happens to those in total controverting about the sheer idiocy of toping untreated stream water), most will rightful experience brief bouts of diarrhea and/or testy bowel syndrome (IBS) and/or inveterate fatigue syndrome.

Anyway, we were assured by our asymptomatic Bandon landlords that they were going to generate their water tested… which they later reneged up~ the body, having decided they didn’t wish for to risk getting reported to the narrate’s Department of Environmental Quality… on the supposition that there was a problem.

Ya’ perceive, it really makes you lose esteem for people when they pull shit like that.  :{

Anyway, we ended up having to take a five-set time course of an awful, body-method-destroying antibiotic called metronidazole (brand designate Flagyl).  

The most disturbing of its MANY take ~s effects is that is can purpose severe neurological/psychotic effects, such being of the kind which severe depression (which kept Nate in layer for two days: no kidding!), hallucinations, neurotoxicity (exit to nerve cells), and more.  Whee!  What merriment!  I actually developed photopsia (flashes of fickle) in my left eye on epoch 3, which has persisted ever inasmuch as.  It could be unrelated to the Flagyl, unless it seems awfully suspicious given the timing.

Good effects we’d know if we could drink the furnish with ~ again, once those test results… um… fit, yeah, no test results.  Since we didn’t be assured of where we had drank down our excessive intestinal hitchhikers, now we had to embark on some serious prevention.  We ordered ~y under-sink three-stage filter that removes particles in a descending course to 0.025 microns (that’s 25/1000ths of a millimeter!), so even giardia cysts that can have existence as small as 8 microns would not realize through.  Here is the universe we bought (a TL3 Neo-Pure… from Amazon, of line of progress!), which we love, for drinking give ~ to:


The problem that remained, of chase, was that all of our dish-bathing and shower water (which requires a faster move along easily rate than what you get audibly of a 3-stage filter!) was stifle only going through a simple scrap filter that would still let giardia through… in the same state let’s just say we pretended we were vacationing in Mexico and tried to be REALLY REALLY careful about not acquirement shower water in our mouths, and letting our dishes jejune completely and then sit, dry, as being at least two hours, before using them (supposed to slay giardia).  No easy feat in wet Oregon!

But without the palapas, swim-up bars, reposado margaritas, and unreal Mexican food, the mucho cuidado consignee just didn’t seem worth it.  After a link together of months of clamped-mouth showering, we had considerably much just had enough of the sum situation, and we started talking in regard to leaving… which we finally did, in December.  Tails between our legs, and fingers crossed she would attain it, we packed up our of great price Baba G once more in combination for a cross-country road convict back to the Florida Keys during Christmas.

I promise to get you every one of caught up on the rest of our adventures in Oregon (we did desire some great ones!), so we’ll subsist doing a bit of backpedaling previous to we move forward again to the road trip!

Up Next:  Brewskis, Beaches, and Bad Forestry in The Beaver State!

Again, grant that it wasn’t for your other conditions I wouldn’t even have you take subs at totality.