Posted in Flagyl on February 5, 2015

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The JC Western Cowgirls came from one side Monticello earlier this month, on their horses! They saddled up their horses and rode them southern on Jefferson to the Courthouse Circle. After a drawing or two in front of the courthouse and the Classee With Attitude store, they headed together to the starting a~ Humane Society shelter on East Washington. And, the kind of a fine day they had! The young girls approach up from the Palm Beach and Loxahatchee areas every now and again to stay and inspect with friends Pam and Charlie James, ~ward their farm. They include: Jesse James on Gigi, Kayla O’Brien on Levi, Shayna Swindell put ~ Lily, and Maranda Doherty on Spirit. Pam and Charlie signify the girls how to work with their horses; doing tricks and minding their language and actions. This gives the girls more ‘away time’ from home, sect, and their jobs. The JC Western Cowgirls were founded in 2011 through Jesse, Taylor, and Maranda. They are not a exercise in tactics team, they are a demonstration team. Their ages discursive power from pee wee, youth, to mature. The girls put on demonstrations at events altogether over South Florida and make appearances at multiplied different businesses. The team consists of a multiplicity of riders and horses. The girls entirely get along very well and they for aye have fun. “We would like to return ~s to the many sponsors we have and the protect they give our team,” adds Jesse James. “We perceive the worth of them very much.” This program is sponsored through JC Western Supply in Jupiter, Florida; 561-684-7881, For additional information about this program contact Pam and Charlie at 561-779-6855.


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