Posted in Flagyl on February 17, 2015

Day +155 Not to a great deal of has changed since my last update. We be in possession of tried a few things but tranquillize have no real answers. Every time we be wrought up like we are going forward, it whole comes to a crashing halt. It is very important to get Katlyns ng supply with nourishment up to 70 ml/hr to ~ along home, but at this point she cannot tolerate it. We are all so frustrated and exhausted. We longing Katlyn better so we can ~ on foot home. She is gaining weight well and is no longer vomiting, only only because of the lack of subsistence and tpn and lipids, which cannot exist done at home. We are the whole of trying to stay strong but its acquisition hard. Katlyns spirits are great, in like manner that helps, but this is a ~-spun bumpy road. We are waiting put ~ Katlyns latest norovirus test. If she is gentle positive we are going to try treating her with something (not sure of name hitherto). She has been taking flagyl, which treats bacterial gut infections, and she has responded well. Just not well enough toward freedom yet. There is a potentiality we may go up on that like well. We will see what happens. Hopefully we be able to work out a good plan gladly before all three of us circumstance crazy lol.

Elaine, Please stop confusing the matter with the facts.

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