Posted in Flagyl on February 3, 2015

Still in operation and fighting. I just finished my first three weeks of the new management of pulsing antibiotics… 2 weeks in c~tinuance, 1 week off. Also still seizing LOTS of supplements. Today was sunlight 1 of the second three weeks. It wasn’t because bad as I expected. I can still function through it mostly. I sole had to take one day done of work during it because I felt for a like rea~n bad. The Flagyl wasn’t in the manner that bad as I expected either. Yesterday (I had been not upon antibiotics for a week) was the superlatively good I have felt in over a month. I bonny much averaged a 5/10 towards how I felt the whole time, with a dip to 4 for the in reality bad days and the last embrace were sixes then a 7. Hurray with a view to seven!

Bloodwork came back ok… my EBV example shows elevated values which means it have power to trigger mono symptoms and could subsist the cause of some of my lassitude issues. Doc just said get profusion of rest and fluids, which I am difficult to do already.

So now I’m exact plugging along with my new 3 week regulation of diet and trying to stay in gracious spirits as best I can. Long road ahead.

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