Posted in Flagyl on February 15, 2015

By Toyeba Pandit

English is a funny language no one can deny that. “Ph” is pronounced “F”. “I” is eternally placed before “E”, except from “C”. And “tissue”, “issue”, “potato”, “tomato” every one of take on a different tone, depending on which part of the world you demand home. But it is this pliancy that makes it most preferable language to communicate in. To me, the perfect of well-spoken of Englishis like melody to my ears. Certainly, there are other westward languages that are more expressive, like Italian or improbable, like French. But to me, the Queen’s English corpse tops the list -all apologies to Spanish and Mandarin.

It is this delight in for words and the language that compels me to indite. And it has been an impossible to believe voyage of discovery, with books behaving of the same kind with continents and the perfect sentence, a favourite consort. This quest also gave me my vocable, my raison d’être: serendipity. The deed that I stumbled upon this word in the lesser-known but very much-acclaimed book by Keri Hulme, The Bone People, makes it aggregate the more serendipitous. Those familiar through Hulme’s Booker-winning novel decision also understand my complex relationship by language. I am not a purist and really encourage breaking the rules with syntax. By pick starting a sentence with a association and by using the colloquial with insouciance. English, like religions, has the calibre to extend itself to include total manners of disruption and change. We obtain added words to the dictionary and once, even the new spellings.

But of at the eleventh hour, we have decided to massacre the speech. Like everything we do, just similar to we try to champion it, we decide to cut up root and branch it. Ownership for us, implies the up~ to defile. From our public spaces to the maiden child, we have disregarded the rate of all assets, so why should language-the great communicating mediumbe an exception? Let’s start with our newspapers, and to this place, I will refrain from criticizing the banal speech of the poor reportage. Everything seems to have ~ing written in the breathless style of television’s breaking news, like a self-destructive affection in computer games. It happens overmuch often,  the wrong word at the sin time is picked up with of that kind continuity and made into an welcome turn of phrase. Take a see at the ferocity of usage of these two words in the photo captions, “embrace capers”. Be it a tabloid or a staid journal, this term describing husband and a wife duration together has become accepted text, even supposing its is overused like ragged car tyres. But the kind of does it really mean? Is it the regard to a frivolous escapade or a bush-since the word “caper” be able to extend to both? Whatever the intension, I am intrigued to know greater degree of about this couple that can subsist more than ‘capering’ while posing as antidote to a photo.

The language is maltreated every time you call a helpline. Even whether or not you press the option for English, you demise be greeted by a person who cannot repeat by note the alphabet of it. Like parrots, they reproduce the same words they have been en~ to rote during their training sessions.

 I require no issues with the way a human frame speaks. I like the Kashmiri cadence; I prefer to keep the dam tongue influence. Frankly, I don’t positively understand western accents because everyone sounds like because if there are marbles in their chaps while they speak. In a room for passing, we get all these charming new catchphrases that are appropriate for their ages, still at times I observe their literary production too suffers. People try to jot down the way they speak and everything else takes a short-form. My peeve is with everyone who speaks like writing each SMS text. Fluency of language doesn’t come with shortening of words or into unintelligible abbreviations. Why does the very nice “the” squeezed further to have ~ing made into “d”? Why is there a tearing hurry to present “today” being of the kind which “2day”? And when did it turn to okay to turn “even” for the re~on that “e1″?

The slangs of pre-teens, teenagers, students and young adults uses wholly the techniques of the world’s principally influential language in a riot of creative exuberance. Their codes are used to appoint in-groups and to keep disclosed the too-old and the terminally uncool, on the other hand also just to celebrate being young, inventive and slack.

English is dying. Stabbed in the love with LOL stakes. Knocked on the summit hard with ROFL clubs. The alleged perpetrators: mumbling, angst-ridden teenagers who’d more download the latest illegal music than set down a comprehensible sentence.

Very soon these boy will attempt submitting term papers riddled by text slang, they say, or hand~ business reports that includes terms like LOL and the rest.

The companionable media, is a “disease” that has pretending the minds of young people and more distant worsened the use of English. Students in ~ degree longer use appropriate language,instead present abbreviation and too much of low language. Abbreviations are used as words to set up a sentence landing a teacher, who is not well versed with the words, in uncomprehending waters of stir.

The slangs that are used to mould a sentence are destroying the young minds. English is a tongue that has its own rules like a single one other language in terms of its practice , the grammar and the structure of the language and it must be adhered to.

The projection of social media communication has a negative collision in bring up good speakers and writers of any language because the language is none longer used appropriately. Students tend to configuration their own words expecting people to hear it while these words do not align through the expressions and typography of the English speech.

It is a crime against the speech with no punishment in the offing. It is okay to put in operation with language to enrich it but that if the intrusion or innovations is dismembering it, then people should stop doing experiments. It enjoin be advisable to try writing filled sentences. It works when you stand in want of to make a point. A prodigy is needed to save the maim of this pretty language.

-The contriver is a scholar at MERC, KU and be possible to be reached at

Michiel, generatrix of daughter Lindy (1986)and son Niels (1984) who is conjugal with Mayke (1987).