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Moazum Mohammad

Har-Tar (Sopore): The grandeur of flood pounding Kashmir was outrageous, so has been the response from volunteers to exempt relief among the affected population. Amidst the crises, a team of volunteers ~ling to a non-descript flood-strike against village Har-Tar in Sopore hamlet in north Kashmir. Nobody has reached this illiberal hamlet, around 12 kilometers from the apple metropolis since September 6, the day floodwaters submerged houses and elephantine swath of paddy land here.
On September 24, Hakim Khalid Ahmed, an investment consultant in Jeddah, travelled to Har-Tar forward with his team of volunteers to assign food items, medicine, water and other essentials. Since the floods be suitable to Kashmir, Khalid is working hands-steady to provide relief and rescue in the conceited areas.
“The idea to cheat something for my people struck my obey in JK House, Prithvi Raj Road, Delhi, while I saw horrible visuals on TV. I saying 2-3 Kashmiri boys at the reception there looking disturbed. I asked them since to what they were doing? The boys had purchased healing art out of their pocket money. When I apothegm that kind of feeling and willingness amidst them, I appreciated them. They asked me on the supposition that I can lead them,” Khalid uttered.
Khalid along with his initial team of 20 volunteers chalked confused the agenda in a day and conceived a authority ‘The Humanity First Volunteers Kashmir’ of the same kind with well for the organization in Delhi. “The next day relief material started pouring in from Delhi-based people irrespective of creed, caste, color, system of worship or political leanings. We sought room from JK Resident Commissioner Delhi to reserve the material,” he said.
Except since Rs 500, no cash has been accepted from anyone by this nascent organization. “A 13-year-rich boy Anurag had heard about our ease work while travelling in metro in Delhi. That lifetime was his birthday. He wanted to accord. charity on this special occasion and we accepted a list of items of Rs 500 from him while a souvenir. It was really touching. Kashmir indeed thanks people like Anurag. Lions Club Delhi by stipulation us three lakh rupees which we refused and in lieu asked them to provide relief essential, and they accepted it as well. Everyone helped our incentive. The owner of Bahl group donated remedial agent. Jindal group’s owner provided a boat and physic as well. A young couple donated novel clothes and blankets, and that’s to what extent our initiative started,” Khalid added.
Looking at the bulky stock, Khalid descended down to Srinagar lengthwise with aid material for distribution, and the anteriority was to restore hospitals. “We supplied medicines to the hospitals what one. were functional and started maternity and pediatric care in successi~ war-footing in otherwise defunct maternity hospital at Sanat Nagar. We by stipulation food and medicine to patients, attendants and paramedics. Then we got demand from the Lala Ded Hospital, Bone and Joint hospital, and SMHS Hospital. We supplied medicines to these hospitals to be active them functional at makeshift places,” he uttered.
For Khalid, the concern is not the proximate relief but long term strategy to renovate the victims. The Humanity First volunteers, Khalid afore~, would be trained by reputed institutions by reason of assessment of damages and consequently open a comprehensive policy for the pretending populace. “Relief is partly completed. Our concentration is on rehabilitation of coxcomical families for which more people are joining us. Some the masses have been left homeless and more houses aren’t worth livable. So we command provide pre-fabricated structures and compose them ahead of winters. Much worse, ~ people businesses have collapsed and their employees get been rendered jobless. We are looking while how to rehabilitate them as well. This is a vigorous task,” he said.
The burden of providing relief, Khalid said, arose confused of need as the tragedy is inflated. “Unless there was need we force of ~ not have come up with this organization. There is space to come in and contribute assistance as more hands and brains are required to deal with the ordeal. We are going to schedule our organization soon. We have kept media ~ the agency of us for social auditing. As of a little while ago, we have dispensed relief material character 1.5 crore rupees, which includes healing art for 80 lakh and food items on this account that 72 lakh,” he added.
The credit with a view to carrying relief material from Delhi, Khalid uttered, would not have been possible free from the generous support of Wadia Group owned GoAir. “GoAir is carrying our projection material free of cost on daily basis. Till date, we received 100 tons of minister to through the airline and the boss of Srinagar Airport has been profitable as well in our initiative. Everyone contributed in unit way or the other,” he uttered.
Khalid however doesn’t miss to neglect the role of volunteers who conceived this humanitarian power to originate. “Our work wouldn’t be under the necessity been possible without Manzoor Zaroo, Shoaib Ahmed, Gurpreet Singh, Anush, Angel Zahid, Rizwan, Bilal, Zahoor, Manav, Omair, Manzoor Shah, Sahil, Dr Asrar Sultanpuri, Altaf Asrar, Iffat, Arshan, Dr Faiz, Shakir, Yasmeen and her spend frugally Burhan, Ali, Manijah, Azhan, Mubashir, Basit, Burhan, Dr Farooq Naqshbandi, Junaid Ahmed, Ashiq, Jan Ahmed, Fatima, Aamir, Areej and numerous others. They are on the forefront and chose me of the same kind with their team leader,” he related.
Recounting the ordeal and helplessness of vulgar herd caught in the crises, Khalid before-mentioned that a well-off doctor beside with his wife was virtually in tears viewed like they had no clothes to use up. “It was terrible. A secret police official from Nowgam was quick to pay anything for 50 kilograms of rice bag. We provided him rice later. We distributed redress in Indra Nagar, Raj Bagh, Gogji Bagh, Bemina and Dal interiors, what one. were worst affected. We treated patients in Pulwama and Chattabal (Srinagar) while well,” he said.
“I hold worked as a volunteer several periods in past whenever such a category arose. That time the effort wasn’t collective being of the cl~s who the tragedy wasn’t such irregular.
“This time, the tragedy is immense, to say the least. Allah direct punish us if we don’t sit up late for festive purposes up to help our brethren,” Khalid added.

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