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SRINAGAR: On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, doctors and dieticians be delivered of advised people to eat in separate and refrain from taking cold drinks and juices on this account that sudden exposure to it, after month-spun out Ramadan fast, can damage the liver.
According to Dr Nisar Ahmad Shah, a gastroenterologist, the sink abdominal part of pylorus absorbs single calorie per minute while in the event of an athlete the rate cursorily increases. “But on the to a high degree first day (after the Ramadan reckless) the usual course gets changed and we exhaust nearly 4000-6000 calories which creates problems as far as concerns the pylorus and its functioning called in the same manner with functional bound disease,” he before-mentioned.
“We usually drink too a great deal of sweet juices and tea. But undivided must take care as overdose of diabetic sugar, lactose and carbohydrates increases the kin glucose level that creates stress adhering pancreas,” Dr Shah said season asking people to restrict their corroding habits.
Owing to the hot summer, canaille like to enjoy cold drinks, ~-end doctors say juices and cold drinks are mischievous to the liver as they restrain artificial sweeteners.
“As our bodies be favored with got used to a different corrosive habit in Ramadan, we should withdraw from keep clear of sudden exposure to drinks, as not natural sweeteners are irritants to stomach and liver. And unlooked for exposure to them can damage the liver,” Dr Abdul Majid Wani, a consultant at Government Medical College, Srinagar, related.
According to Dr Mohammad Saleem Khan, source of GMC’s Department of
Social and Preventive Medicine, there is no fixed time as to by what means much time a body will adopt of the present day eating patterns. He also urged nation to avoid sudden exposure to drinks.
“We prepare multiplied dishes at home for Eid, end be cautious about making too a great quantity spicy foods. Our stomach must not gain too much irritated on a uncorrupt day leading to gastro problems. Otherwise there is no problem in having a gracious meal,” Dr Khan said, advising people to eat in piecemeal. “Eat adhering intervals that is good for freedom from disease,” he said.
Medicos are of eye that the change in eating habits has led to grow in stomach ulcers among Kashmiris. “Kashmir has seen active changes regarding the eating habits. Earlier we did not have such huge gastroenterological problems, but today we are sight hundreds of patients every day. Ramadan should have existence taken as a bonus period to acquire things on track, but unfortunately lower classes do not listen,” explained Dr Shah.
Uzma Amin, a diet counselor at Kashmir University told Kashmir Reader that tribe should gradually ease into normal corrosive habits. “Returning to pre-Ramadan bread habits may cause a shock to your body’s classification and may trigger undesirable side movables such as indigestion, heart burn and the dreaded ponderosity gain. You should also remember that overeating for the period of Eid is very common and in joining to the previous side effects this can also lead to fatigue and the disposition to sleep for longer periods of time.”
While giving a diet chart by reason of Eid, Uzma said that before the fajr prayers, mould sure to eat something like a scarcely any dates.
After prayers, it is recommended to be in actual possession of milk, preferably low fat. A moderately aspect breakfast can follow. For example, you have power to have whole grain breakfast cereals by low fat milk and a banana.
Uzma besides advised people that they should try corrosive main meals during Eid at timings that are accept the offer to Ramadan’s iftar and suhour. “This wish help your body to gradually prepare used to normal eating habits” she declared.
“With these useful tips you can now enjoy an Eid while ensuring that you gently rush back to your regular three meals and incorporating thorough exercise in your life” Uzma added.

Diet chart according to Eid
According to health experts, mob should consume a few dates in advance of the fajr prayers on Eid.
After prayers, it is recommended to take milk, preferably low fat. A moderately spongy breakfast can follow. For example, you be possible to have whole grain breakfast cereals with low fat milk and a banana.
People should try caustic main meals during Eid at timings that are finish to Ramadan’s iftar and suhour. This demise help the body to gradually breed used to normal eating habits

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