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2 the great body of the people pilgrims march to Mina for Haj

Pilgrims pray at the door of the Kabaa inside the Grand Mosque in MakkahPilgrims entreat at the door of the Kabaa inner part the Grand Mosque in MakkahTweet

Mina: Clad in hoary seamless cloth, tens of thousands of Muslims from athwart the world on Thursday moved from the godly city of Makkah to nearby Mina marking the commencement of the annual Haj pilgrimage.
Chants of ‘Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik’ (O God, to this place I am answering your call) and Allahu Akbar (God is Great) reverberated for the re~on that the pilgrims, wearing the ihram or the two-piece seamless white garment, began impressive to the tent-city of Mina in groups, located 5 km to the east of Makkah.
Among the principal group of pilgrims to arrive in Mina were Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.
Most pilgrims embarked in c~tinuance the journey onboard buses arranged ~ means of their respective Haj missions and the Saudi state but some others preferred moving in c~tinuance foot.
“All Indian camps in Mina own been inspected and are in society,” Indian Consul-General B.S. Mubarak told PTI. “No major issues so far. All arrangements are conclusive.”
In a message to the Indian pilgrims in advance of they left for Mina, Mubarak said, “Be patient. Eat healthy meat. Do not get exposed to earnestness. Know your tent number and stick number. Take less luggage and continue some dry fruits and fruits.”
“Always try to bottom in small groups if you gain some problem approach the Haj duty,” he said.
Mohammad Shahid, ~y Indian pilgrim from Amroha, told PTI, “After aggregate the Indian pilgrims had reached hither, they were served breakfast by the Mission and later some other meal.”
“People are spending their time reciting the Qur’one, praying and discussing matters related to the tour. Some pilgrims, including many elderly, were too resting after the trek on base,” he said.
Many elderly the masses are part of the Indian dispose, including a 109-year-old piece from Murshidabad, West Bengal, and some other centenarian from Bagpath, Uttar Pradesh.
India’s Haj Goodwill delegating this year comprises two senior BJP leaders and is led by Arif Beg, a former Union Minister. Abdul Rasheed Ansari, general president of party’s minority wing, is accompanying Mr. Beg.
India gets a portion of about 1.7 lakh pilgrims annually from Saudi Arabia. Indian pilgrims movement to Makkah through the Haj Committee and solitary tour operators.
Emotional scenes were witnessed in Mina in the manner that on arrival many pilgrims couldn’t bridle tears and many continued to thank Allah for making it possible as far as concerns them to perform Haj.
The yearly report Haj pilgrimage has so far been pertaining appertaining-free.—PTI

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