Posted in Flagyl on February 3, 2015

It was dripped downward the side. At first I notion it was dried diarrhea. I wet a piece of toilet paper and wiped it facing. It was bright red, no brown at all. I looked over his body and on every side the house thinking maybe he snagged a laniate or something, but I found none other bloody spots.

When I rudimentary adopted Daryl in Oct 2014 he had sanguinary diarrhea and I took him to the vet. Not competent his medical history, the vet wormed him and propose him on C-metronidazole. Today is the in the ~ place time I’ve noticed it happening once more. Last weekend he threw up some food once, and last week he had a messy butt. I’ve been keeping an eye on it. Tonight I found the hotspur. I’m going to make a vet assignation tomorrow. Just wondering how common temper in stool is, and what is usually the diagnosis? Should I have existence worried to find solid blood? I’m expectation for him to use the litterbox anew so I can study it.

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