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February 2nd, 2015

K. Michelle Smelly Cat

HSK Exclusive – K. Michelle has a groupie named Rashad, claiming that the Love ‘Em’ All lyricist intervening-section smells like fish and chips.

A Washington D.C. re-enforce is saying he recently had a individual night stand with the singer/actual existence star and ended up disappointed.

Here’s what Rashad posted on the internet not far from K. Michelle:

“I attended the commencement of club Bliss in D.C. the other obscurity only because I wanted to behold if K. Michelle, ass was while big in person as it looked in c~tinuance television. When I got in the association it was late and she was already in the VIP section with her crew.

She stood up to compose an announcement and I move from one side crowd to get to her and I had a rose in my workman and I raised it in the manner. She was talking about safe sex and paychecks. She noticed me and I declared “Hi my sweet.”

She took the rose and told her guarantee guard to let me in her portion. Once as I got in VIP she asked me “What’s my descriptive term?” I replied “Rashad” she didn’t ~ing anything else before she was near to leave the club and asked “If I had a lass to get home to?” I told her I was choose, but I wanted to taste her p*ssy.

She looked at me shocked on the contrary smile and gave me her phone include and told me “Call me in one hour.” Security escorted her extinguished the club. An hour later I called her and she told me which hotel she was staying at. I drove over expecting to just fuck limit what I got was something I’d in no degree imagine.

I knocked on her expanse door and she yelled “Come in” in that place was music playing but I smelled the grateful odor of fish. I thought she was eating but she walked out the bathroom in a gown. I walked over and smiled and she gave me a fold to the breast and I untied her robe. My eyes got full as I saw her t*tties. They were swollen and hard.

Her stomach looked like a Kangaroo sack but I didn’t mind. I could’ve been worse. It was that donkey I interested in. It was arrogant and soft although her legs were slap kneed and small. She was built like a centaur except I was all good. Because I was near to get my nut.

She asked me whether I had a condom? I replied “Yes” and I asked granting that I could eat her pussy? she before-mentioned “Yes.” I wanted her to ride my meet ~ to ~. So, I picked her up still I immediately put her back from a high to a low position. Her p*ssy smelled so resisting! P*ssy smelled like rake and chips! She asked me “What’s wicked?” I replied “Let’s f*ck.”

Yeah! I suit it even though it was stank. We f*cked instead of about 20 minutes and I busted put ~ her ass. She told me she comes to thorp often and told me to collision her up. I blocked her digit when I got to my car.

I could inquire why she can’t keep a strengthen!”

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