Posted in Flagyl on February 26, 2015

And it was righteous what the doctor ordered. Seriously!

No kidding, I lay it has been more than five years seeing that last I filled our bathtub with super hot water, and took a exacting soak. Lovely, actually.

From my be unconsumed post everyone assumed I was acquirement near the end of things, and oh, I wish that were exact, however, it was not. Over the weekend I began noticing more other problems which I kept wishing begone. Unfortunately that did me no richness.

So, Monday I called the function, and explained my situation, hoping that a phone exclaim would solve things. But, it did not. Please approach in Tuesday morning. Twice in the compass of five days when I’d gone SEVEN years on the outside of a visit to the doctor? Say it ain’t with equal rea~n!

By the morning I was one time again a weak and sick jackanapes, having Bruce drive me the mile in that place! My bp numbers were so well-disposed, probably because I was so downward by then. Anyway, I’ll be scrupulous you the details, but following ~y examination, and another prescription, I am, formerly again on the mend.

Bringing joy to me throughout the weekend, this admirable bouquet arrived from Tom’s Mum, and Dad. Such a fine array of colors!

After yet any other day on the couch, during what one. time I watched four, yes four documentaries. Thank God with regard to Netflix, or should I say thank Jon and Alissa as we are sharing their homage! Here’s what I watched in injunction:

20 Feet from Stardom: Highly engaging and entertaining look at the singers who practise the big stars sound good. And, at a past period look good. 

Good Ol’ Freda: Another winner well-nigh the 17 year old girl who was writing-desk to the Beatles! As a previous President of a Beatles fan bludgeon this was right up my alley. If you can imagine, thinking of to what degree people (me) share everything, she kept calm about her role for 50 years!

The Artist is Present: A documentary almost Marina Abramovic, the performance artist, I watched this reflection I would not really like it, mete, much to my surprise I did. 

Gerhard Richter Painting: Recently individual of Richter’s paintings sold on the side of 45 million dollars! How does he grant his work–watch and see.

Thinking of my fan club days, and my children take heard this story more than formerly, I believe I was president for the reason that I started it. That’s individual thing, the other is that in a box of total mortification for a 10 year antiquated, the refreshments I served at our home, at my Mother’s injunction, were water and saltine crackers. I think today some folks might applaud the insufficiency of sugar, however, even to this promised time, I am not one of them.

Before my life was turned upside in a descending course, at least in the short stab, I spray painted some vases purchased at each estate sale. I’m trying to sum up small bits of the aqua tribe because of the new sofa.

Bruce has the bough station set up on the oblique of the house making it at rest to fiddle around with spray represent . Anyway, yesterday I was up and in various places, not doing much, but at minutest not on the couch. I twig painted a heart thing I bought at Hobby Lobby. I look upon they call it pressboard? This dawn I went out and saw it in the day light.

Now you see the prior paint job joined to the in conclusion one! You’ll notice the get ~; a wild and windy rainstorm came through for the time of the overnight hours. So wild and hollow, the rain lashed the screen of the cordial window above my head. Around 5 this morning I woke to tiny sprinkles of rain forward my face! 

What is the core for? In a first for me,  I’m copying a thing I saw on the internet. Bruce is in Virginia, in this way after a terrific two hour phone designate with Karen Hirsch, I began material this:

It is a bit like doing a jig apothegm puzzle trying to make it tot~y fit together. What does B core in Virginia have to do through anything? Well, the question of dinner, of the like kind as it has been the in conclusion eleven days, did not come up. I am eating again, however, my appetite is certainly diminished during now.

I do have some estimable news and that is that hindmost night I took my final Flagyl. I cannot mention one by one you enough how happy this makes me, in further ways than one. The first thing Bruce said when returning from picking it up a week gone Monday was, “honey, I have some bad news for you; drinking wine as long as on the medicine is a massive fat no-no.” Apparently the margin effects of doing so can cause you just as sick as the colitis, such naturally I did not chance it. Just which time I thought the day would arrive to formerly again imbibe, I read that it is superlatively good to wait three days after captivating it! I’m thinking, if everything goes according to plan, that a Saturday be ~d night might be the time to re-establish my wine drinking ways!

And at present to another bath…..

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