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Lactating mothers infectious medication impact on children

Health Advisory Description: Children sum of ~ units years old yet weaned my latter toothache eat cefixime capsules ( 4 ) and sham bezoar metronidazole capsules ( 22 ) are moreover eaten secnidazole capsules me . . . . ask not to such a degree big influence on children looked rear it very afraid artificial bezoar metronidazole instructions. . :
Doctors penury to help provide remote diagnosis: I bring about not know the impact on children is not extremely big worry.
I thank the teacher for a quick answer – for what cause to treat and prevent

Condition calculus:
Little effect because drug metabolism subsequently actual entering much milk . But suppose that it is a long-term medication . Child tranquillize prone to drug resistance . Little other personal estate
Guidance :
Proposal does not have to worry too much. There is not a important impact .

Condition analysis:
Hello : This state can not breastfeed .
Guidance :
Suggestion: You publicly appropriate to drink more water to further drug excretion days after discontinuation of breastfeeding. .

Condition parsing:
During Hello . Breast milk . You be favored with drugs phenomenon is not breastfeeding . Yet a different child two years old . Weaning accord. the child to eat milk .
Guidance :
Complementary foods should likewise be diversified . Again after such a throughout weaning worse , pay attention to care. Nutrition should have existence comprehensive .

Toothache is a common complaint manifested as : . . . . In case of touchy and cold stimulation swollen gums bombastic cheek toothache pain mostly from gingivitis and periodontitis dental caries ( tooth decay ) or fractured teeth and incitement dental pulp ( tooth nerve ) infection caused by medicine that toothache is due to exogenous pathogenic be devious . stomach fire flaming . kidney Huo . wormhole teeth and other reasons. gingivitis is a inferior periodontal disease is due to living from hand to mouth oral hygiene. teeth by food debris encircling the teeth . bacteria and other things … tot~y >>
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