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Recovery interval option and Checkpoints

Checkpoints unspotted unused section of the transaction log in SIMPLE Recovery way but bot for other recovery modes.

A checkpoint writes the current in-remembrance modified pages (known as dirty pages) and doing log information from memory to face and,
also, records information about the management log.
There are four types of checkpoints are supported ~ the agency of current SQL Server: automatic, indirect, of the hand, and internal.

This configuration option sets one upper limit on the time it should take to regain health each database.
The default is 0, indicating self-acting configuration by SQL Server. In exercise, this means a recovery
time of smaller than one minute and a checkpoint near every one minute for active databases.

Automatic Checkpoints
An self-acting checkpoint occurs each time that the tell of log records reaches the compute the Database Engine
estimates it be possible to process during the time specified in the retrieval interval server configuration option.
In every database without a user-defined target recovery time, the Database Engine generates automatic checkpoints.
The frequency of automatic checkpoints depends on the recovery interval advanced server configuration option,
which specifies the maximum time that a given server impulse should use to recover a database for the time of a system restart.
The Database Engine estimates the greatest number of log records it be able to process within the recovery interval.
When a database that is using self-acting checkpoints reaches this maximum number of log records,
the Database Engine issues each checkpoint on the database. The time interstice between automatic checkpoints can be in a high degree. variable.
A database with a positive transaction workload will have more common checkpoints than a database that is used
originally for read-only operations.Also, ~ the load of the simple recovery model, an automatic checkpoint is also queued
if the log becomes 70 percent replete.

Under the simple recovery model, except some factor is delaying log truncation,
every automatic checkpoint truncates the unused section of the transaction log.
In set off by opposition, under the full and bulk-logged recruiting models, once a log backup confine has been established,
automatic checkpoints transact not cause log truncation.


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