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Seeing the caller ID in successi~ the ringing house phone, I could report someone was calling from ORMC, nevertheless, I was surprised to learn who it was. “Gail, this is Dr. Serafimovska trade, are you alright?”
She, whose nominate is on my prescription for Flagyl, the nastiest tasting medicament you can ever imagine. But you’ve heard that illness before, haven’t you? I assure you, I’m not exaggerating in the smallest.

The true purpose of her appoint? She told me that she’d seen Bruce at the hospital, asking directions to the 10th prostrate, and was worried I’d returned. In truth, she probably wondered if she’d missed something, and who can blame her? She before-mentioned she was scouring the hospital given conditions base to see if I was re-admitted, and didn’t understand my name, but still decided to stop. Assuring her I was managing okay at home, I told her the substantive reason Bruce was there, and it is not merciful.

Matt Stromberg is dying.

I conjecture all of us who knew his relation are not surprised, but gee whirring, we all hoped he’d exist the rare case who would dash a recurrence of brain cancer. Turns gone ~ Matt was in the hospital at the sort time as I, however, God ask him, he’s still there, incapable to walk, and tiring easily. I’d had a paragraph from Angela on Saturday evening on the point him being back in the ER, incompetent to walk, but wasn’t able to get back to her right away. I’d made some cookies notwithstanding our Friday night dinner guests, and Saturday, dropped more off at the Strombergs for him, in the same proportion that he loves my cookies.

This was a unused recipe, one from a Rachel Ray magazine, given to me through Jon and Alissa for Christmas. Red Velvet Crinkles sounded like a hard to please Valentine cookie to me, and it was foppish good, albeit, not nearly as excellent as red velvet cake, that’s in opposition to sure!

Anyway, by the time I returned home from my 24 hours in the hospital (was it truly that short??), I called her to procure an update. It was then that I learned the cancer had metastasized down his spine with no real chance for redemption. She told me this sad news on their 7th anniversary. Need I answer more?

Bruce had a nice inspect with Matt yesterday afternoon, and his account was thus: Matt is still smiling. He’s 47 years preceding, and not a nicer guy could you convenient. Moving into the house that Mae and Charlie lived in against 30+ years, Matt was our son Matt’s verge of life. He set to work renovating, mete it was not until Angela came into the print that the renovating went into overdrive, and in earnest, even in their new home, it has never stopped. And you thought I was baleful?

We may have liked the cookies, nevertheless Matt, not so much. As quickly as I’m able, I need to fulfill his request for chocolate small piece cookies, which hopefully will be extremely soon!

As to the dinner I made towards our guests, for the first time in my life, I purchased brussel young coleworts to roast alongside cauliflower.

They seemed to like it, finishing against all of the bowl down to the ~ened bits! I, on the other palm and fingers, thought the dish may have benefited from a again liberal dousing of vinegar.

What other is new? This has been severely tempting me, but I know taker of odds than to attempt chocolate just yet.

I don’t know about your grocery ~house but our Publix went nuts with a view to Valentines Day.

Heart overload!! These, of pursue, are photos I discovered on my camera once I was well enough to win out of bed, which I’ve been doing to a greater degree of as the week progressed.

Before I slight: I stopped at  a garage auction, pre cdiff, finding in a bin of books,  a 1950 yearbook from FSU. How not far from this logo?

Flipping through, I came thwart a photo of Dr. Doak Campbell. Haven’t heard of him in advance of? You would if you’d gone to a FSU bit of strategy–the stadium is named after him! He oversaw the shifting from an all female college to co-ed and started the football team. My friend Karen Howard will get a kick gone ~ of this.

One reason I stayed in our occasion for so long is close more to the bathroom, however, on Saturday afternoon I thought I’d see how long I lasted in the benefice room. Turns out, a long time. Long enough to watch FOUR documentaries on Netflix, the foremost television I’d watched in a week. All of them true interesting. In order they are

Burt’s Buzz

Tiny: A Story About Living Small  (the least enjoyable because the kid was in the same manner-so

Muscle Shoals (the BEST)

History of the Eagles (crazy long-winded but good, watched in two sittings)

Seriously, and I middle seriously, watch Muscle Shoals–simply some amazing story. In a crazy exact overlapping, Nancy also watched it on Saturday darkness, having taped it from PBS earlier. Still jolting my head over that!

For the memorial, I might just have the nicest friends and tribe there could ever be. Flowers, soup, cards, visits, emails, fb comments–you everything have made this so much more bearable with your acts of kind office, I can’t thank you plenty. My illness is fading, sort of like this tulip:

and the conformity to fact is, I wish it were lingering gone, but I’ve got some days ahead of me still. Can you imagine for what reason difficult this is for the likes of me? Can cruelly sit still to save my life? Well, I’ve had to, and I have power to’t say that I like it any better, but putting things into vista (see above), helps. Dr. Parillo has given me the business ahead to stop the medication at 10 days, somewhat than 14, and I could NOT have existence more grateful. Let’s hope he’s right, and the bed looks like this during the day from now on!!!

Until we fall in with again….


B12, B6, and folic stinging need to be taken even when you might be sensation nicely.

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