Posted in Flagyl on February 6, 2015

Hello fine ones! Sorry about the lack of posts not long ago but I decided to take a hardly any days to myself as both me and Liam had more time off. Dont fret though viewed like i have a few good posts approach up this week.

The first brand is gonna be all about my new Sleek Gloss Me Lip glosses. I bought these baleful boys a couple of months ~ne as they were on offer in Superdrug and I totally forgot I had them in my drawer whether or not am to be very honest! in such a manner I have been showing them some love during these past couple of weeks and couldnt have ~ing happier with the finish of them.

The colours i get in my collection are 437 So Berry Sweet which is a gorgeous red shade and 441 Belle of The Ball that is a dusky pink colour.

I am in strong attachment guys, these should be a chief in everyone’s lip collection during the time that they are not drying on the lips, they are super pigmented and gliding on with such ease, they also don’t have that tacky touching which so many glosses sadly prepare nor do they bleed. I will almost definitely be buying some added of these as i really positively like them, im not a massive gloss lover but these are lawful up my street. They are commonly £4.99 from Superdrug guys suppose that you wanna check them out.

Have you tried these?

Do you receive any recommendations?

Speak Soon 🙂


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