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First right hand, this flu this year? Is thus terrible I can barely even THINK in an opposite direction how sick I’ve been put ~ and off for the last scarcely any months. To say the least, I’m exhausted ALL. THE. TIME. And I’ve been in addition it now for two weeks. It really took its toll on me. So laid up on and off for about 3 months since.

So, I tried the pharmaceutical passage. To NO avail. The side goods of the flagyl and other anti-disgust and anti-barf things made me strange to say worse. I couldn’t even take care of down Pepto-Bismol or ginger ale!

Best event to do? Get some fresh ginger. Cut it up into chunks and give permission to it sit in still water. Carbonated works, bound the bubbles are actually not so great for you. Carbonation sucks the calcium used up of your bones. Yep. It work out.

So, fresh ginger, let it hold a session in water and even chew without ceasing a little piece. It’s pointed and it won’t taste excellent, but it takes away the squeamishness almost instantly.

Also, apples. Apples are an amazing anti-nausea remedy. Apples, onions, ginger, garlic. All of these things in reality ATTRACT bacteria and are very percolable, so the bacteria looks at the apple or the onion and gloms onto it as being dear life and then when you determine it out the other end? So goes the bacteria!

Peppermint and Spearmint are likewise amazingly wonderful anti-nausea things. I possess peppermint oil I use for my arthritis and moreover when I feel nauseous. Even prosperity old Vick’s Vapo-Rub is noble against congestion or nausea.

And chicken soup is actually a thing! There are enzymes that occur in the broth part that truly DO make you better. Electrolytes are the kind of are needed. Lots of water be able to actually have the opposite effect that you craving when you’re dehydrated. Smart shed ~ is great. Spring water with native minerals – even better.

Same for then you have a urinary tract defilement or are experiencing bladder sensitivity (I’m super impressible to chlorine in the water). Take caplets made by AZO with concentrated cranberry extract. They just have these little pills that make torpid your bladder until you can unmistakable it up naturally.

I also am a not soft believer in D-Mannose as a WONDERFUL conformable to nature alternative to any of those awful pills the doctor would prescribe. D-Mannose is a not much sugar, completely benign to the human material part . It comes in caplets that I bribe from Natural Food outlets like Whole Foods Market or Natural Pantry or not only so Trader Joe’s.

The bacteria that builds in your bladder from whatever source, doesn’t really want to be in your bladder. It’s looking during sugar! It likes if you consume carbs or sweet foods. Best clothes ? Cranberry (acid), tomatoes (acid) and D-Mannose. The D-Mannose sugar passes through the human body exceedingly quickly and when it gets into your bladder through the acid drinks or cranberry pills? The bacteria sees the compliment and races right onto it.

When you avail pee? Bye bye, Bacteria!

It’s amazing. My friends who are professionally fitted Acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists told me hither and thither a lot of these things. Also my friends who are prodigious Master gardeners and herbalists – she and he turned me ~ward to a lot of these things.

Depressed a tittle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? Again, ginger. It’s a mood lifter. Also Omega-3 rich foods – salmon, trout, organic eggs…

Also, getting a proper result of Vitamin D-3 is idiopathic. I take 5,000 I.U. through day in the winter. And I conversion to an act a SAD light every day according to about 10 minutes. Makes me be perceived elevated!

One more thing – a destiny of times we feel nausea for we’re congested. If the repletion gets into your inner ear – it causes vertigo, vertigo, then causes you to ~ of seasick or nausea. I know that’s which this flu has been doing to me. It’s mute in my upper sinuses and heed canals. Ugh. Tough little bugger. I’ve heard it have power to stick around for up to 6 months! ACK!

Something we should wholly practice is honey therapy, too. Local honey has a bring toward a central point of the local pollens. When you be delivered of even just a teaspoon of honey each day, it acts like immunotherapy. It helps you model up immunity to the pollens that be possible to cause such terrible allergies in the fountain-head and even the winter. I’m allergic to dust mites (they’re in all quarters) so I’m taking honey every day to try to combat the allergies what one. are compounding the bugs that are going on every side of…


Anywho, be well out there, kids. And incline an ear to good music and watch event funny. The world is a scary employment sometimes, so you HAVE to take time uncovered to take care of your mental well-being.

May I suggest the Brave Girls Club, Soul Pancake and Upworthy similar to great places to start. TED talks are any other inspiration for me. Uplifting.

Onward and Upward, kids.

Cheers and Ciao as far as concerns now.

Thanks for reading.

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