Posted in Flagyl on March 3, 2015

It’s 4 days postman my hysteroscopic Myomectomy and I perceive …mostly ok. Dr told me to rely upon some spotting and discomfort from the catheter/balloon. What she didn’t compute me about was the nausea and costiveness, good lord! Well, she did order colace and anti-nausea meds for a like rea~n ok. She didn’t say for what reason bad it was going to subsist.
    The husband came downward last minute and met me at the hospital. He was exalted. I was asked a zillion epochs to spell my name and give my dob. Blue massagers were wrapped surrounding each leg to prevent clots. I loved those things. Last substance I remember is waiting on the em~ outside the OR.
      They without more did the hysteroscopy, so no be folded over in case the made a mean habitation. No transfusions needed and they made steady I could pee before calling in parents and children. My hubby remembers very little because he was sleep deprived as well yet says them showed him before and subsequent to pics.
   Went home and was ok till Sunday when the discomfort from the constipation caused me to bawl. I felt like I was going to bloom up like the kid in Willy Wonka.
So highlights?-
Worst element: cramping from inserted cytotec the ignorance before surgery
Best part:—hopefully a auspicious future pregnancy

Meds:-anti- nausea
  – 800 mg ibuprofen
-progesterone (~ward 15th day of Premarin )

I swindle wonder if the Premarin will mould the others grow. Right now, be moved pretty cruddy I feel like I be under the necessity an ear infection .

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