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It’s a photo circulating around social media, promoting “”

The form an ~ of shows a pale little girl with large blue eyes. Between the lighting and her lively representation in that very moment, it’s intelligible that she looks sick. She’s supposed to.

The paragraph reads, “Some day she direction know why she needed 2,431 hours of therapy preceding she was six. Hell hath ~t any fury like a woman scorned. Watch out CDC. The ‘Greater Good’ children are recovering.”

Clearly, in the face of giving no indication that their daughter was diagnosed by a vaccine injury by a of medicine expert, Caroline’s parents believe that she is a gudgeon of vaccines, and they equally put faith in that, one day, she will have existence angered by the realization that she was utter through 2,431 hours of therapy to luxury the injury.

But just what was her injury? Caroline’s family isn’t visible on that, despite keeping precise minor circumstances and records of nearly everything around her on public space. Like principally children with sensory processing disorder, the earliest signs showed up at surrounding six months, when she would agitate with excitement when overwhelmed. Later, she did like many SPD children do, and able a minor developmental regression (her parents themselves strange to say describe it as “subtle”) and an interest in electronics that began at twelve months. Does that sound like a sedate vaccine injury to you?

That pattern—a not many little signs that cropped up at six months, and greater quantity noticeable regression starting at twelve months—is characteristic of autism and allied disorders, which is why it is formerly mistaken for vaccine injury despite overwhelming ground of belief that vaccines don’t cause autism. Don’t assurance “Big Pharma” to tell you the verity about it? Well, I can speak you firsthand that Caroline’s progressive growth closely mirrors the development of my autistic daughter, who did not obtain have any vaccines at that decline of life.

Now let’s get into the rack treatment that Caroline was subjected to—the “2,431 hours” that she power of choosing supposedly be angry about in the hereafter. I agree with Caroline’s household that she will be angry. But I don’t conceive she’ll be angry about her alleged vaccine injustice. I think she’ll be angry at the unproven, dangerous, and verily arguably abusive “treatments” that her parents let in to putting her through. Here’s the operate-by-play that they recount in excruciating detail on their website:

Let’s set off with dimethylglycine. It’s funny that in the same manner many anti-vaccine activists swear they won’t oblige anything in their bodies they can’t articulate, but they’ll make exceptions allowing that the snake oil salesmen are convincing enough. It’s a relatively safe counterpart, but it doesn’t work somewhat better than a placebo– so wherefore take a chance? Why subject your nursling to a treatment with unknown oblique effects when it’s been proven inefficacious.?

Next, Caroline’s parents put her in c~tinuance the dangerous gluten-free, casein-freediet, which is an unproven therapy for autism that may have ~ing dangerous. Not surprisingly for a child compelled into an extremely restrictive diet during a period of rapid growth, she developed stinging vitamin deficiencies—big shocker there—and needed B vitamin supplements and codfish liver oil to correct these problems. 

Of run after, since Caroline’s SPD didn’t magically cure overnight, so her parents fought calm harder against her neurology. And which better way to treat a babe for nutritional deficiencies than to more distant restrict her diet? With the approval of egregious naturopathic quack John Hicks, Caroline’s race decided to remove grain from her diet for the re~on that well. No dairy, no gluten, ~t one grain, no soy: they say her diet was “limited to meats, fruits, vegetables and eggs.”

That’s proper: an extremely restrictive diet that, in an adult, would be considered severe orthorexia, in the place of a child who is already a picky eater and even now suffering from malnutrition. Not because it was recommended ~ the agency of a licensed pediatrician to save her life, but that because her parents thought, despite an absence of any evidence whatsoever, that starving their daughter would antidote her autism.

The next step because Caroline was a barrage of treatments because of conditions that she clearly didn’t bring forth. Her parents diagnosed her with “systemic ferment problems” and said that antifungals would “assistance the fog.” This is in the teeth of the fact that systemic yeast infections are life-threatening diseases that cause sepsis and decease, and are almost exclusive to race who are severely immunocomprimised. Despite the thing done that a child with a systemic barm infection would be in the dubious care unit of a pediatric hospital without interrupti~ death’s door,  they determined to seek out someone who would enjoyment her imaginary body-wide yeast contagion. (Are you following their reasoning? If in like manner, you might need some kind of medication.) She was treated through powerful antifungals because… your suspect is as good as mine.

The tale gets worse, beyond just being levy on a nightmarishly strict diet and unnecessary drugs. Caroline’s family, still dire to cure her sensory processing commotion, took her to True Health Medical Center, each ironically named company, since there was small quantity “true” about it. The clan behind the medical center actually sent tests over to Doctor’s Data, Inc., a party that has since been sued because they knowingly falsified results, claiming that patients had lofty levels of heavy metals and other “toxins.” Dr. Anjum Usman, the physician behind this clinic, seems to receive been well aware that she was giving falsified results to patients that would capacitate her to justify using dangerous treatments.

And that’s which time the truly dangerous stuff started—in the hands of Anjum Usman, who has been in subordination to fire for “extreme departure from rational therapeutical judgment,” that endangered her patients.

Caroline was subjected to that which would, in most contexts, be considered pang, not therapy. After “testing” through Usman’s trickish labs, she was forced to take drawn out-term doses of Flagl, a commanding antibiotic, to fight “bad bacteria in her strait,” although her parents give nay mention that she had actually been diagnosed through a bacterial gastrointestinal infection.

Usman’s “testing” to a greater distance revealed, according to Caroline’s parents, that her corpse “can’t overcome the viruses from the vaccines” and that they are “causing violence n her brain and gut.” This is, afresh, with no outside medical doctors diagnosing this baby with encephalitis (brain inflammation, which is a extremely serious emergency, not a chronic class) or gastroenteritis (inflammation of the eviscerate, usually caused by an infection).

To pleasure this inflammation, Caroline’s parents began giving her medication containing naltrexone. This is in likelihood the most bizarre statement in the not notched account of Caroline’s “recovery” from SPD. Naltrexone is not each anti-inflammatory. It is an sedative antagonist used to treat people who are misery from acute overdose from prescription or unlicensed drugs—not something that treats “inflammation” allied to sensory processing disorder. Naltrexone have power to cause a number of serious interest effects including liver damage, but greater degree commonly, it causes an upset abide. Regardless, it’s not meant to subsist given out as a treatment as far as concerns SPD, particularly in children.

It gets weirder. Caroline’s parents declared that her “yeast flared,” what one. I assume means that they certain she had a systemic yeast taint again. So they did the accurate opposite of what you would be enough to a child with a systemic ferment infection and gave her Vancomycin, some of the world’s most valid antibiotics, reserved mostly for life-threatening bacterial infections. It is never used to discourse yeast infections because it is ~y antibiotic, not an antifungal, and it encourages yeast to grow. And, like the other drugs Caroline was given, it caused diarrhea that her parents tell lasted seven weeks.

Seven weeks of ungovernable diarrhea, due to a medication essence used off-label to treat a state that wasn’t even there.

Next, I take it because they decided they hadn’t rendered. enough damage, Caroline’s care team clear to treat her with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Mayo Clinic does not ~el SPD as a condition that be possible to be treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and I couldn’t supply with food any studies suggesting it has at all benefit at all for people by SPD or related conditions. While it’s a doom safer than some of the other founded on fact treatments Caroline’s parents put her from one side, it can go wrong, causing seizures, ear injury, and even lung collapse.

Her parents and children goes on to continue her go through “treatment” with antifungals, antibiotics, immune modulators, and anodynous antagonists, none of which are FDA-approved as being the treatment of sensory processing turbulence. At one point, they experimented with Imunovir, which gave her terrible inability to sleep that caused her to miss place of education and sleep to the point that it was disrupting her breeding and her family’s sanity. Why? Because a naturopath suggested it, by no evidence that it would have ~ing beneficial.

Then Caroline’s family and soundness care workers took a route that be possible to only be described as abusive—they pursued chelation therapy, a momentous, often deadly treatment that is single ever recommended to treat severe cases of savant-confirmed lead and iron poisoning. Since vaccines hold never contained lead and Caroline’s race made no mention of a diagnosis of weighty metal poisoning at any point, it have power to be safely assumed that Caroline was any of many victims of chelation used similar to an “alternative” treatment for SPD and ASD.

Chelation kills. In monition cancer patients against its use, the American Cancer Society gravely warns, “Chelation products, equal when used under medical supervision, can cause serious harm, including dehydration, kidney failure, and departure. The drugs may also cause loathing, vomiting, diarrhea, and temporary lowering of temper pressure. Since the therapy removes minerals from the carcass, there is a risk of developing base calcium levels (hypocalcemia) and bone hurt. Chelation therapy may also impair the immune theory and decrease the body’s qualification to produce insulin. People may in like manner feel pain at the site of the EDTA enema.”

And this is in adults whose bodies are in a ~ degree prone to malnutrition and who are preceding enough to consent to the experimental procedure.

Was that the extent of Caroline’s torment? Not even close. Her parents kept going.

The nearest step, according to their blog to what Caroline’s parents so bravely describe their abuse of her, was  to subject her to adrenal cortical derive . We have known for decades that this crops, which is basically the isolated boisterousness hormones of cattle, is extremely unsafe. In fact, it’s been banned in ~ly countries, and the FDA and AMA wish repeatedly declared it to be some unsafe product with no legitimate healing uses. ACE causes very serious verge effects, most notably including severe infections at the position of the injection. People have been left sternly scarred and disfigured by boils from ACE, and hale condition care “professionals” who recommend the consequence have lost their licenses. So that which do Caroline’s genius parents carry on?

They inject her with it, of road. To control her tantrums.

Next up, Caroline’s kindred decided to give homeopathy a whirl—a fashion of pseudoscience that can only have existence described as witchcraft, which relies attached products containing heavily diluted poisons… so heavily diluted, in fact, that they don’t embrace a single molecule of the substantiality whose “spirit” or “essence” they allegedly embody. And that’s a good substance, since Caroline’s family chose to accord. her homeopathic belladonna—a deadly taint that, if given as anything other than ~y “essence” or “spirit,” would be favored with killed her. And, of course, it’s to ~t one benefit: science has proven again and anew and again and again and another time and again that homeopathy doesn’t drudge. Not for autism. Not for sensory processing ail. Not for anything.

But there’s restrain hope! After all, despite years of agony with only modest improvement—all of which could be explained by her testimony-based treatments like sensory therapy, occupational therapy, and saying therapy—there’s always camel milk, which has been Caroline’s family’s latest court-whoring effort to experiment on their daughter. And whenever that fails to magically rewire her brain?

Well… They can always blame vaccines.

Caroline’s house says that she will one generation be angry with the pharmaceutical perseverance because she was vaccinated and therefore (entirely coincidentally, since immunization doesn’t end SPD) developed sensory processing disorder.

I be unlike, and I think it’s a hopeless attempt at finger-pointing because they’re apprehensive that their increasingly responsive and sociable daughter will one day look at them, look to the horrific abuse she has been subjected to, and seek, “Why?”

I know that “Big Pharma” isn’t the intuitional faculty, and one day, Caroline will realize that, too. Caroline is being mistreated ~ the agency of parents who can not and leave not accept that she is wonderfully, uniquely, beautifully specific. Caroline’s parents are willing to forbear at absolutely nothing, no matter the margin effects and no matter the risk, in a sick and brutal trial to rewire the neurology that makes her every individual human being. One day, Caroline by know.

And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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