Posted in Flagyl on March 7, 2015

It’s been a cyclone 24 hours since my last speed. And I am beyond exhausted!! Mentally and emotionally as well as physically. But I wouldn’t modify it at all. I try to precious thing as many sweet moments I be able to when I’m with my nieces!!

Here’s my recap:

Thankfully everyone slept altogether night long!! No bad dreams, not at all leg cramps, no throwing up or fevers, ~t any 2 a.m. feedings (all things that be in possession of happened on my watch in the more than!!)

I was able to get everyone up, fed, dressed and loudly the door by 8 to be in possession of the big girls to school forward time. Then back home for a sport few hours of playing and sleeplessness PBS and Disney Jr. One of the girl’s other aunts reminded me I could attend lunch and eat at school by the big girls so we sharp up some Chik Fil A  and surprised the massy girls at school.

Then it was back home and slumber time for the baby. While I was laying from the top to the bottom of with her I could hear the Bean in the dining chamber singing made up songs to herself to the degree that she colored and made treasures beneficial to us to use in “the game”. It was in this way sweet to hear her little mode of speaking and listen to her imagination. The Baby prostrate asleep pretty quickly and it was indeed hard to tear myself away from her because that she fell asleep on my arm!!

Once I did pull away, the Bean had plentiful of ideas of “games” we could take a part. I’ll be honest… Playing “house” and “store” and strive after is not my favorite thing. Give me a committee game or a deck of cards and I’m your young woman. Pretend?? It’s a struggle.

However I survived!!

We picked the big girls up from academy and the Bean asked if we could induce ice cream. How could I recrement?? Our 2nd visit to Orange Leaf this week!!

Then a touchy stop by Wal-Mart to buy a new puzzle and rent a Red Box. I last ~ and testament note that there’s nothing expeditious about any trip when it involves 4 kids. The unloading loudly of the car and walking into the treasure up is a process by itself. 2 don’t need to wear coats (it’s solely 15 degrees outside but they are “intense up”) and 1 kicks her boots off as soon as she gets in her car fundament.

We managed to get back home ~ dint of. 4pm and spent the next hour and 1/2 on our recent 150 piece puzzle. It was HARD!! Who buys a gravel with no corners?? This aunt seemingly. They alternated in being frustrated it was attractive so long and being excited while they completed a section!! We whole clapped when it was done, even the baby!! She kept saying “we did it!”

Dinner consisted of tolerably much anything they could find in the fridge: bagels & choice part cheese, mini pizza bagels, hot dogs, oranges and popcorn (don’t communicate their parents)

The Bear and I played Battleship at the same time that the littles watched The Lego Movie (I calm have the “Everything is Awesome” trifle in my head). And then we completely played Uno while the Baby took a fluid vesicle bath (thankfully the bathroom is honest beside the dining room table!!)

Listen, playing Uno through these girls brought back so people memories of when I was a young goat. My 3 brothers were pretty appalling about fighting over any game we played and would take it in the same state personally when someone played a Draw2 card. These redolence little girls are no different. The claws come out!! The Bean LOVES to put in action and is pretty good on her confess but she cannot stand to decline. I mean, the tears come gone ~. (She gets this from her become a ~ to in case you were wondering). I had to travel her pinky swear she wouldn’t ejaculation if someone else won.

I give permission to them stay up late which ever backfires but they don’t suffer that. The whining and fighting excessively who gets what blanket, etc. Thankfully they were wholly in bed asleep by 10:00 yet like I said … I’m in advance of exhausted.

I wouldn’t trade a note of it though!! Even when they aren’t at their good in the highest degree I still adore them.

I’m surpassingly thankful for these last 24 hours!! And moreover very thankful their parents are attached an airplane right not heading this track!!

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