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Malawi’s conduct hospitals are experiencing critical shortages of medicines putting the soundness of patients at risk forcing more hospitals to turn patients away.

A ward at KCH

A custody at KCH

Health Rights Education Programme (HREP) executory director Maziko Matemba, has since related the lack of drugs posed a hazard to the citizenry.

According to published tale, some of the worst affected circuit hospitals are asking for medical stores from rural health centres and clinics and that the extent of room of the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) in ensuring the availability and systematic supply of drugs, has been force into question.

According to Daily Times report, most of the drugs that are unavailable in several district hospitals are pain killers, antibiotics, anti-miasma drugs and contraceptive commodities.

“For metronidazole injectable, it’s across two months out of stock. This is every essential drug used more often on obstetric postoperative cases. Amoxicillin is wanting of stock at the moment whilst the provision of benzyl penicillin is always erratic and we usually don’t be~ the quantities which we require,” Kasungu District Health Officer (DHO), Jerome Nkhambule told the newspaper.

Nkhambule added that dental the region has stopped offering teeth extraction services since lignocaine has not been available seeing that November

Balaka DHO Bertha Maseko declared the drug shortage challenge has been dogging the hospital across the past two months.

“We are running extinguished of stock of many types of drugs, including distress killers, contraceptives and antibiotics like benzyl penicillin considered in the state of well as drugs for mentally disturbed patients,” Maseko explained.

She reported the district has been requesting with regard to all types of drugs but they are not been if in time.

Parliament allocated the Ministry of Health vital principle allocated K70 billion of which K17 billion was meant according to drug procurement.

Drug shortages in Malawi’s common hospitals are nothing new. But, health authorities say the situation has reached a carping tipping point. The majority of patients cannot earn treatment at public hospitals and doctors are rationing the hardly any medications they do have.

Health Rights Education Programme (HREP) executive director Maziko Matemba bemoaned the drug shortage situation, saying it is distress place after the Ministry of Health in connective with some partners a few years gone conducted studies on national drug quantification and leakage.

“The study recommended that the form of sovereignty needs to adopt in reducing incidences of medicines log out that the country regular faces what one. included scaling up medicines/drug financing,” he is quoted ~ dint of. Daily Times.

Matemba said the Ministry of Health should revisit the previous arrangement of involving local drug suppliers at the same time that gap fillers in the medicines fill up chain in an effort to manner the shortages.

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