Posted in Flagyl on March 9, 2015

grieve…we are FINALLY seeing warmer temps. This week we leave spend our days in the 40s with promises of 50s. Perhaps some of the white will melt and we can take care the promise of what will be changed to green grass.

I haven’t written beneficial to a while. I find the besides I honor me, the less I be wrought up the impulse to write. It sounds rude but…the more I walk from one side, the less I feel the wish to share. Perhaps I am blameless honoring my introverted ways. I (re)took a individuality test this past week. I remembered my conclusion from before because I remember my professor making a big deal out of it for it is supposedly rare. I thought perhaps my result would be distinct because I have done so abundant work internally. HA! Nope…still the corresponding; of like kind. INFJ – in reading the description I felt like if someone had interviewed me to scribble it.

I spoke to a loved who has been on a resembling path as me – we both are moving on simplifying and changing to minimalist lifestyles. I told her not far from wondering if I was an empath and she shared this through me. Again, almost every word seemed taken in the character of though it was for me. The solely exception was the old stuff – I LOVE sagacious stuff but I also know forthwith whether or not something is against me so…I think I be under the necessity of read off of those things.

What is this trip about??? I am a humongous believer that whether I do not address my ideal and emotional state that my soundness will be short-lived. I well-informed something to the closed group and someone got excessively huffy about it. I am not blaming myself with a view to my health issues but…I would have ~ing remiss if I didn’t combine the dots and take it gravely.

Along with my overhaul of my diet, I desire drawn some hard lines in the small pebbles. Social media is the biggest delinquent. I spend a lot of time without ceasing it whether intentional (ie systems aren’t functioning in the same state I am using it to move the time) or not. I unhesitating I had to get “real” with what I invest in. I dress in’t actually think drama serves anyone and, careless to the fact I could be deemed a “public” person because of the kind of I do, I don’t be excited the need to have it at my impudence door. I decided to develop my allow requirements for connections – mostly, do we truly interact? And, if the answer was nay, I cut it off. It was unpleasant – sometimes because it meant cutting distant from people I would LOVE to interact through …but when there is no cheerful reason why we don’t? Sigh… I besides had moments of anxiety because I was concerned that my sharp someone off would result in historic (unfortunately, this is a reality)…if it be not that when that is a motivator which does that say about the health of the relationship? I’m honestly in such a manner relieved it is crazy…I accurately had started hating social media. Now, I took have charge of of what I control and the rest I can just set aside.

Have you transplant your intentions? HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS!!! I determine mine near the beginning of the year…let’s just say…WHOA! Healthy living…my Eat to Live diet look into is marvelous! This weekend, I was jonesing with a view to fast food, pizza or a burger…I made veggie burgers instead – ha! I’d say change is going my habit! Fiscal responsibility…I am seriously addicted to gainful off debt. I paid off FOUR buckets already…I can’t even explain the pain and stress that is ERASED inasmuch as of this! I looked at the buckets and piked off the smallest ones first and it being so that, I am doing a combination of smallest vs highest enlist rate. Thankfully, they are all fairly moo interest rates so I am fatiguing to get one of them paid along soon for the gratification aspect only hoping the remaining mounds are carried on by summer…for real! And my final intention was a return to tranquillity and  joy…I would declare this entire post explains how I am serving that purpose..

I have one more cycle of the conclusive protocol. ONE. Considering a few months ago, I was seriously questioning my resolve and principal elements to continue…tears… I will take down into maintenance which will entail captivating any antibiotics he prescribes and flagyl in c~tinuance two days a month. I consider been fairly vocal (shocker, I comprehend!) about my frustration with the want for flagyl. My llmd has reminded me that as far as concerns most people this is a immense upgrade. I remind him that I am pacify working and only take off up~ flagyl days so, yes, it is a lifetime less than this current protocol on the contrary it is the same as the year and a moiety before that! Good thing he likes me… I be the subject of a consultation at the end of the month…I poverty to ask what bloodwork or testing have a mind be done to ensure I am smart for maintenance. I feel ready…and I handle like I am being honest with myself when I say that but that… I want to know. We shall observe what he says.

I know I accept promised my treatment for a true long time…I have finally ended so. Here is the link. Please, please, please…have ~ing me say this…I don’t hold there is one answer for Lyme. And the reason I say that is that great number of us have been sick during a very long time. Lyme may have ~ing what started it but the longer we went untreated, or maybe we have gene mutations that sum up on, the more issues we developed. I be the subject of tried to remember everything I’ve been action with but the bottom line is that I feel fortunate. Treatment has worked, I have seen rare improvements. I met other patients of my instructor and not all of them are going into provisions right now, even though they were in our teeth of me in treatment.

The ultimate challenge for me will be employ. I am jonesing to get forward my bike. Ms P is jonesing on account of me to start back on the couch25K program (express gratitude you, color runs!). Thankfully, spring is approach…

I felt so guilty for Mya harmony her trapped inside the house with her mother too terrified to level step outside her front door to clown the rubbish bags out.