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Hi everyone,
we have brace WTFs that we have had against two months now. Two weeks subsequent to picking them up we took them to the vet who about doing a fecal sample treated them concerning protoza and then dropped the bombshell that they had lung worms, a in some degree bad case of it. (He assures me that the amount they had means we brought them home through it, as I was pretty upset that i could bring forth been our fault)

It was undeniable that we would wait until they got bigger/heavier to digress treating them as 1 weighed 9 grams and other 15 grams.
So I started feeding them everyday(up~ the body advice of the vet), making without doubt that I placed the locusts (this is which they were fed in the store and so they will not show hospitality to crickets) infront of the little human being as otherwise the larger one seemed to drub him to it everytime.

Now my point in dispute is that I have to phone the vets with the weights each week. I dress in’t normally handle the frogs and in the way that getting them out for this is starting to boisterousness them to the point that at the time that i open the doors to cherish them they go and hide. This isn’t a point in dispute for the larger one who is prety considerable at launching himself across the cistern and still catching the food he is going in spite of, but little one isn’t in the same state great at this. They are both putting weight on, but now its getting to the point were if you exactly go near the tank the scanty one especially will jump away and hide.

I put on’t want to stress them anymore than I be under the necessity to but they need weighing such that we can hopefully start handling soon. I was just wondering admitting that anyone has any ideas/tips to compose it less stressful for them?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to FrogForum, Bee Sorry your froggles aren’t well

Could you respond the questions in this post? Trouble In The Enclosure It would veritably help us to make an informed determination and give you the best answer we can, thanks!

Here are a scarcely any questions I have in addition:

–Where did you purchased your froggles?
–How old/what size they were when you got them?
–What class of protozoans did the vet declaration your frogs had?
–What did he handle them with for the protozoa? How was it given/in what condition much per frog?

I’m a particle stymied about why the vet determined to wait to treat for lungworm, especially grant that it is “severe”?? And yet your frogs are gaining scale and seeming to thrive otherwise? I wouldn’t meditate that 9 and 15 grams would have ~ing too small to treat… he did bestow them an anti-protozoal medication following all. I started medicating my frogs at the time they were 5, 7, 9 and 11 grams respectively; the smallest dose of medication (Metronidazole, which is an antibiotic/anti-protozoal) was 0.02ml. I believe the greatest part common medication for lungworm is ivermectin or fenbendazole (Panacur), your frogs should be able to receive medication now. I besides fed my frogs daily throughout their medication whereas they were juveniles/sub-adults; they are at this time young adults and still are fed daily (sometimes every other day if they had a blustering meal previously), I generally feed 3-4 pabulum items one day and one cheer item the next day and cite. If I give something like earthworm I determine skip the next days feeding to accord. it more time to digest.

As in the place of the frogs being scared of core handled and being stressed, there’s excepting that one way to fix that– and I be sure not everyone will agree– you hold to handle them more and accustom them to it. Now, I don’t mean excessively, or for extended periods of time, no more than when you have to weigh frogs, and inquire about frogs, or transport frogs from their tank for cleaning, eating (if you take food in a separate enclosure), or to take to the vet you desire them to remain as calm at the same time that possible. Yes, all these things will stress them more… but if a frog is used to life handled GENTLY, and learns nothing baleful will come of this, then they exercise volition in time calm down. Now the caveat in this place is that some frogs just possess a flighty disposition and may in no degree really calm down and get used to it (I be delivered of a couple like that!) but most White’s tree frogs will. Before I make intelligible further can you tell me HOW you haft your frogs? How do you apprehension them to weight them, and what is the process you use to swing up them? This could make a inflated difference in the success, or insufficiency thereof, you have been having in the same state far. Hopefully we’ll be accomplished to get them to the particular aspect where you can at least obtain them out successfully for their weighing and treatments

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