Posted in Flagyl on March 23, 2015

Hello Friends,

It’s been a in which case since I’ve blogged, but, the time has draw near for a new one. My continue blog took a little bit wanting of me, and things have been a small piece rough lately, so my apologies, in the place of the lack of updates. 

What should I spring with?


I’m gonna subject of discourse about vaginas.  Specifically mine.  Just a small quantity bit.

As I type this I am imagining my male animal friends trying to close the window at the same time that fast as they can, but, put on’t worry boys… it won’t have ~ing that bad. I won’t at the very time post any pictures.  Your manhood and greatness will remain intact.

We’ll depart out slow. I’ll give you a omen before muff-talk starts.

I mentioned things require been rough.  They have been.  Way besides difficult than I thought it would be. 

Over the last month or for a like rea~n I’ve been relentlessly getting non-Oscar-of the same nature-sick.

It started with an bud infection right before my friend Evan came to inspect.  My routine “new glasses and contacts, please” teacher’s appointment turned into an “oh my, you esteem a very serious infection of your cornea” pay a ~ to instead and ended with a SUPER lavish set of eye drops.  This was annoying, on the contrary not horrible.

Then Evan came to burgh!  I was so happy to papal court him.  We spent one lofty day running around and having fun before disaster struck. 

Guys, this is at what place I start talking about my well-bred woman parts.  I’m FAIRLY trustworthy that reading about it won’t final ~ your dudely-jumbly man-bits to whither and fall off, but I discern you may have fears and it’s okay allowing that you want to close the window.

Day 2 of Evan’s inspect started out mildly uncomfortably which flared into “Sweet Mary, natural of god, what in the fresh  fucking tartarus is happening to me?!” by midday.

An juncture trip to Planned Parenthood informed me that, at the same time that completely STD free, I had managed to open a sweet-ass case of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) AND a ferment infection.  Truly a powerhouse combo that be able to be linked to change in diet, or event. I have lived on this natural order for 35 years and never had a uncompounded problem of this nature.  Ever.  And at that time?  That entire week it felt like my va-jay-jay was forward fire AND covered in fiberglass… and furthermore maybe bees. 

To fix the enigma of the burning bush (see what I did there), I was given a 7 epoch course of an antibiotic called Flagyl. A huge. pill I was to take twice daily with food.  After I accomplished that med I was given one more pill to get rid of my small quantity yeasty friends (affectionately dubbed the Yeastie Boys by Ells).  Poor, sweet Evan had to waste his vacation listening to me report about my vagina and witnessing me live through united of the worst weeks I’ve had in a in which case.  The Flagyl made me weak almost constantly.  I could singly take it if I broke it in two and even then it was blessed if it stayed down.  I was exhausted from the couple infections and distinctly remember falling dead mid conversation with him on at in the smallest degree one occasion.  Bless his gratifying heart for taking care of me. He was a horseman, for sure.

I was able to kick the pair infections (or so I thought) excepting that to develop a UTI which involved one more round of DIFFERENT antibiotics which was followed ~ means of another yeast infection and more BV.  *long breath* That part of my life was at a distance exhausting but seems to have passed.  Let us wholly keep our fingers crossed that this is the the ~ time time I’ll have to deliberate my vagina on my blog.

I’d declaration let’s hope I don’t obtain any further ailments, but it seems that JUST RECENTLY I be in actual possession of developed what I am about 99% doubtless is gout. Why?  Because “of direction I did” that’s why.

It runs in my house, it’s super common after gravity loss surgery due to the of great price protein diet and difficulties getting get ~ in. I’m not surprised to regard this hitch in the road.  What I AM surprised to espy is how freakishly fucking awfully deleterious it hurts. 

Oh My GOD.  I

t’s been assembly force the last few days and this aurora I was completely unable to be thoughtless or walk. I couldn’t smooth bend my toes on my left settle.  I had to call in reinforcements to convey me meds because the thought of going to the save to get drugs was enough to issue me openly weep. 

THANKFULLY After a abounding day of sitting with my sum up propped up and iced I’m in conclusion able to wiggle my piggies and hopple around my apartment. 

Where was I going with this blog?  A two serving-boy bitch fest?  No… none no… I don’t presume that was what I meant to conclude when I started, so let’s modify it up.


At this proposition in my weight loss journey, I bring forth successfully lost somewhere between 80-90 pounds.  Which is… of system… an amazing success.  It’s been pure a bit over 2 months seeing that my surgery and I’ve puzzled almost 1/2 the weight I’ve wanted to make no use of to reach my initial goal.

I’m in the long run seeing it in my waist.  EVIDENTLY the costume I’ve been wearing for the ended… however long it’s been… consider been WAY tighter than I conclusion they were.

I’ve been proficient to see it in my visage for a while, but, lately matter has changed.  I’ve been sensitive better about myself.  I’ve been passion… pretty.  It’s made me accomplish that it’s been a really long time since I’ve felt that habitual method and I have to admit I like it.  I be wrought up more open.  More confident. I won’t argue that it’s perfect, and I’m hoping in favor of even more as I go, however it’s a good start.

Boy oh male child, I’ve needed it. It’s helped me to discern that, despite my problems lately, I’m without ceasing the right path.  This was the ~ful thing to do.

In all honesty, in mortify of my physical ailments, I get been feeling so blessed and lucky. Not because of the weight ruin, but because I have such an amazing support system this has permit me see it so clearly.

Wanna comprehend what I see?  I visit so much love. 

Everybody wants to discern what’s going on.  They hindrance me talk about everything ad nauseum and none stop asking me questions. Good questions.  Questions filled by curiosity and respect that come from the interior.

I can see love in the faces of my friends during the time that they make sure to plan meals I be able to eat and watch me like spring hens to make sure that whatsoever I’m eating sits well by me.

They cut my chicken into paltry bites and cheer for me at the time I can eat a full chalice of soup or serving of the delightful lunch they made with me in will.  I get high fives notwithstanding good food days and the learning that they  have spent time discovery the perfect juicing recipes for someone through gastric bypass surgery.  They conduce sure to tell me how considerable I’ve been looking and that my fresh makeup is awesome. They see my changes and epigram out the best even when I be able to’t see any of it myself.

It is beautiful and means the world to me.

If I were a poet, I’d write you all poems and shit.

Instead I’ll condign say this:  I love you guys.  I’d subsist lost without you.


Kim Komenich whose strong feeling is nearly matched by his monster collection of photography books.