Posted in Flagyl on March 19, 2015

Remember in association how we would tell Melissa, “I fondness your gut?” Well, that is on this account that she had her colon removed owed to a disease called ulcerative colitis. If you require to learn more about it, there is a great website called

Two weeks gone, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It’s been a coarse couple of months! When Camille was 6 weeks cunning, I started having painful, watery, explosive diarrhea. At leading, I thought it was just a brook bug, but after several days none one else was getting sick, and the diarrhea was unlike anything I had ever experienced preceding. I kind of just kept staying it out, but after 4 weeks, I at last went to my doctor and did descent work and stool tests. My doctor’s first concern was that I had C-diff, what one. is an intestinal bacteria commonly picked up in healthcare settings. Since I had condign been in the hospital to be obliged my baby, this was a likable explanation. My stool tests were negative in quest of C-diff, but positive for pure blood cells and inflammation, which indicates more sort of infection. He decided to bring me on flagyl, an antibiotic that kills C-diff. At this punctilio, I was having a lot of noble extraction in my stool, which was about me and decreasing my energy levels bonny rapidly. After 7 days of substance on flagyl and seeing no advancement and getting worse, I saw a gastroenterologist who related, “I think you either have Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.” That week I had a colonoscopy and believed the diagnosis.

Ulcerative colitis is a life prolix disease. It is characterized by violence in the large intestine and rectum. Many tribe respond to treatments and have periods of “abatement.” Various stresses, foods, etc. can final ~ someone to have “flare-ups.” The tricky action with this is that it affects each person differently. Some people have it in such a manner severely that their colon is sequestered (like Melissa), but others can dependent pretty normally with diet changes and medication.

Right after this, I am on prednisone (a steroid medication) and apriso (each anti-inflammatory medication that works locally in the intestine). They seem to be helping and I regard been feeling better, just not completely back to vertical. I have seen a lot of blessings from end to end the whole process (like the thing done that Camille is such a expert sleeper), but also a lot of disappointments (like having to delay nursing Camille).

It stinks! Anyone with chronic health problems can vouch that it is pure not any fun! You never discern what life is going to convey. Life may seem to be going such well, and then something like this happens and it changes things! One inanimate object that has helped me during this jarring time has been to be mindful of the numerous company blessings I do have. Easier afore~ than done, but I think when we truly look for the righteousness in our lives, then we will find it, even amidst very laboriously trials. I would love to have an account your thoughts!

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