Posted in Flagyl on April 5, 2015

April 4th – Saturday – 84 degrees – Sunny

We arrived in the present state last Friday and it has been admirable, we were able to get a position and it is a great seat, we are close to Sea Scapes Beach House, and we attachment to go up there to taste, or pick up food to take food at home.  We can be on the deck and watch the ship reach and go on Tampa Bay.  The in the beginning night, Lou walked up and piked up their Friday night special what one. was Crab legs and shrimp and we had a feast.

This is one order and we rive it.

When we got here, it was abate for several days, and I in reality wore jeans and a sweater in opposition to two days and it was a astounding break, but now the weather is back to life hot again, I try to secure my walk in during the forenoon and stay in during the afternoon and take delight in reading.  Lou enjoys the impetuosity of the afternoon, but Maci and I lawful can’t take it.

Maci has been having problems through diarrhea off and on since we got her and our vet at home suggested that we require her checked for parasites so we did that in the present life on base and she tested negative beneficial to  that; however, the vet did  enjoin her on Flagyl for ten days and a real probiotic and a bland diet posterior a day of no food or get ~.  It was interesting the base vet base that she has two microchips and suggested that I give out that to the Yorkie Rescue, what one. I did and they were same glad that I did that and they recorded the more number.

We have been catching up attached some things that we have clown off until we could get in the present state.  We have an appointment to wish our taxes filled out on Monday.  We be in possession of been shopping at the commissary two times, as it is a large and well stocked single here.  We purchased an iPad Air at the BX, I had been looking at them ~ the sake of some time, and Sue convinced me that I would subsist able to work it.  She helped me through the Facetime and I think I am going to like it.  Going to necessity some help with the e-post portion of it when I cause to be home, but think Michelle can restore me with that.  Want to prepare my blog posting set up steady it as I can see that demise be much easier on it.  Love the camera.

Lou grilling our dinner of sausages and peppers.

Can you pay attention the Manatee?

Double crested Cormorant.


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