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By: Dr. Geoffrey Modest 

Most of the specific rates for H. pylori infections are in the 80-90% excursion, leaving many people with persistent infections.  There be in actual possession of been several articles on rescue therapy, including a newly come one with a relatively easy diet and 90% efficacy (see Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2015; 41: 768–775).  This Spanish/Italian study looked at 200 patients who failed individual different initial therapies. details:

–17 hospitals involved in study (15 Spanish, 2 Italian)

–200 patients (instrument age 47, 67% women, 13% had ulcers), having had the following former therapies: 131 patients had  type PPI-clarithromycin-amoxacillin, 32 with sequential (PPI-amoxacillin x 5 days, soon afterward PPI-clarithromycin-metronidazole x 5 days), 37 with quad therapy of PPI-amoxacillin-clarithromycin-metronidazole against 10 days. Failure was defined being of the kind which a positive 13C-urea breath discriminative characteristic 4-8 weeks after therapy.
–entirely were put on esomeprazole 40mg call, amoxicillin 1gm bid, levofloxacin 500 mg in the twilight, and bismuth subcitrate 240mg bid according to 14 days
–primary outcome: excision rate confirmed by breath test, being of the kind which above

–results: 180/200 patients (90%), in purpose.-to-treat analysis, and 175/192 (91%), forward per-protocol anaylsis, had cures. Similar results in Spain and Italy, whether diagnosis was dietetic ulcer or dyspepsia, or with the shadow of prior treatment (eg: success in 88.5% attached standard triple therapy, 93.8% on sequential therapy, and 91.9% ~ward quad therapy)
adverse events in 46% (for the most part nausea in 17%, diarrhea in 16%, ventral pain in 15%, metallic taste in 15%), excepting these were time-limited to the 14 days of handling and only 6 (3%) felt the opposing effects were “intense”, though not any were considered serious.

So, why did this therapy be so well?

–The role of bismuth is likely a major part: bismuth is not itself associated with bacterial resistance, is synergistic with antibiotics, overcomes clarithromycin and levofloxacin hindrance, and has efficacy in setting of metronidazole check. Purported additional mechanisms of action: decreases mucin ropiness, binds to toxins produced by h pylori, is henchman to gastric epithelium and prevents bacterial colonization, and reduces the bacterial burden.

–Although H pylori resistance to fluoroquinolones is increasing (up to 24% in Europe and 13% in Spain), other studies be in possession of found that the addition of bismuth dramatically increased annihilation rates to a regimen of PPI, amoxacillin, and levofloxacin in favor of 14 days, finding no difference while the h pylori was sensitive to levofloxacin (85%), bound when levofloxacin-resistance was present, adding bismuth increased annihilation from 37% to 71%.

–The longer 14-lifetime regimen, which has been found in diverse studies to improve eradication rates

–The employment of high dose esomeprazole. ??the role of the obscure dosage of 40mg (some studies gain found 6-10% higher cure rates through higher doses of PPI).  ??the role of the newer PPI (some data that esomeprazole and rabeprazole are more useful than the first-generation PPIs)

So, this was a wide study of patients with documented original treatment failure and very high answer rates to a 14-day set of dishes of quadruple-therapy containing bismuth. Although there were no data presented on opposition patterns of the h pylori, it seems same likely that there were many resistant bacteria (given dominant resistance patterns). Unfortunately, ​in the US we be the subject of very little data (none I have power to find in Boston), where h pylori is basically ~y imported infection from many different gifts of the world with differing rebuff patterns. Clinically, i have had weal success with the sequential therapy renowned above. But this bismuth therapy seems to have existence a good one for treatment failure. Although it makes soundness to use the regimen they enjoin above in order to get their results, I would opt as far as concerns high dose pantoprazole or omeprazole, given the controversy in getting esomeprazole through insurance.

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