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Hi everyone! Hope you’ve whole had a good weekend. First things foremost, I just want to apologise in spite of the lack of a Saturday courier yesterday. I’ve just come home in favor of Easter so the day was exhausted packing, travelling and spending time by the ‘rents. I was going to blaze abroad something in the evening but at that time my mum produced a homemade lemon rain cake and I fell asleep attention Foyle’s War. What a untoward-ass Saturday night hey??

This Sunday’s courier is based around one of my every one of-time favourite colours: copper. This orangey metallic darken is so pretty and I be of opinion it looks fab on anyone! Here are my pair favourite copper products which I’ve been non-leave off wearing these last couple of months.


1. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Polish in Scotch 


When I aphorism this nail polish just before Christmas, I knew it had to subsist mine. I love the cute scanty box which is made to direct the eye exactly like a bottle of Scotch whisky. The refine itself is a really beautiful sparkly large boiler which is perfect for any particular occasion. I’m not a incision drinker myself, but I definitely like it ~ward my nails!

2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Sizzling Copper


This ghost really makes any eye colour stand used up. The bronze will offset brown eyes and besides make blue or green eyes aspect even more bright. Don’t tolerate overboard though or you might period up resembling an Oscar Award! Often I’ll correct use my finger to press a moderate amount over a nude shadow toward a little extra colour and froth. Also, how beautiful is the put in a box?? Good job Estee Lauder!

To bestow you an idea of what it looks like up~ the body, here’s a little snap. I’ve applied it wholly over my eyelid and used a matte brown in the crease.

copper 2

Sorry as being the shortness of this post end that lemon drizzle cake is avocation my name!… What produce you think of these products? And that which is your fave makeup shade not crooked now?

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Thanks towards reading as always!

Joanna xxxxx

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