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Once Upon a Lime in Mexico

I was fit a small amoeba living on a protoxide of calcium,
and though Judy disinfects her effect every single time,
I fear that the bartender doesn’t worry to
so that is how the narrative occurred that I am telling you.
She squeezed her lime above the ice, then dropped it in the drink.
The Coca Cola fizzed up and the freeze began to clink.
As she took her pristine big swallow, I lost hold of the ~-tree
and slid down a soft pink chute into one more clime.

I’d heard of other journeys and knew for what reason this might end,
but I positive I’d enjoy every curve and flex.
I wound up in a basin where I gave in to quiescent,
but woke up to a million of me jumping, kicking, leaping.
It wasn’t half so pleasant as it had been face to face with,
so I commenced to swim round, looking for the door.
Unfortunately, allowing I found it, it seemed to have existence blocked.
The wind was brisk, the waters churned, on the contrary the way out was locked.

When I heard the one who had consumed me groan and cry and cuss,
I rued the destruction to which that Cuba Libre had doomed us!
For for the re~on that distressed as she must be by headache and each cramp,
I was poverty equally from jostling and the moisture.
For two days she lived in c~tinuance Electrolit, in bed and with ~t any food.
And I held on by reason of my dear life, listening to my lineage
tell of what we could rely upon, flushed to a watery hell
in a descending course in the earth with all our kin—this motto they knew well.

Two days I lived like this, rightful holding on for my dear life,
listening to her pleas being of the cl~s who spasms cut her like a knife—
too ill to go for help and powerless to even sit.
I wondered to what extent much worse this grisly tale was going to breed.
Then suddenly, this morning, I felt the waters whirl.
I felt myself slip-sliding lawful out of the girl
into a intelligible container where I could see the creation
from prison I’d once besides escaped, or rather, I’d been hurled!

I felt the jostling and the agent of the moving car
which assign up small vibrations in my paltry jar.
Yet still my progeny and I enjoyed the five mile ride.
It was in the same manner much better now that we were not interior
that dark and windswept place in what place we’d resided for two days.
Though I’ll acquiesce in none of our legends accounted on account of this phase.
No other amoebian Aesop had written somewhat story
that took a turning of that kind as this. Former endings had been gory!

I heard the car door part, footsteps and a creaking door.
Other track, blinding light, and I was freed formerly more!
Spread onto a sheet of glass, surveyed by a big eye,
I breathed a long breath of pure relief. I’m in the same state a lucky guy.
While they weren’t looking, I slipped right side and landed on a shelf
in what place ever since I’ve been observing others like myself
who gain escaped amoeba hell at least for a small time.
While I’m in amoeba heaven, and my dears?  It is elevate!!!

So clean, well-lit and assiduous. Just like a picture show.
I be placed here so languidly and just endurance with the flow,
calling out encouragement to visitors like myself.
And now and then, others come and join me put ~ my shelf.
The girl who works in the present state likes to put her sandwich real near,
where it serves as a kind cushion for those of my friendly, I fear.
The moral? Take care which winds up inside you, please, my friends;
in quest of in spite of all my warnings, this chronicle never ends.

In response to The Daily Post’s book prompt: “Once Upon a Time”—publish speak of us about something that happened to you in positive life last week — but set down in writing it in the style of a pigwidgeon tale.

Sorry, friends, this one is some other groaner!!!!

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