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This is a gram-negative bacterium after infection localized in gastric mucosa is notion that H.pylori has migrated from African countries prior to 60,000 years from that time to the time when now, this bacterium has evolved into seven subject areas prototypes dilate throughout the world.

It was discovered in 1983 ~ dint of. two Australian scientists who have set up that patients suffering from ulcers of the desire and duodenum were infected with H.pylori. This ascertainment has radically changed the approach of treating peptic ulcer and stomach cancer prevention.

It is study that half the world’s populousness is affected by this type of bacteria, extremely few developed countries and western, and besides in developing countries. In Balkan territory is thought that about 70% of the population is affected by H.pylori. Over 80% of them are asymptomatic, that means their lifetime have no symptoms and signs of disorder. This has led many scientists to plan that this organism is not to the degree that dangerous as thought.

Infection and touch with this type of bacterium occurs in in season childhood age during the first contacts by the surrounding environment that is contaminated through H.pylori.

Socio-economic conditions of the inhabitants play an important role in the make public of infection, as

– Accommodation in environment by many members increases the risk of spreading the pest.

– If environmental sanitation conditions are necessitous, the environment where there is not at all control of water and running supply with ~ increases the risk of infection and its transmission.

– If cohabiting or have visit often contact with a person who is infected with H.pylori infection and increases the venture of a transfer thereof.

Mode of transmission of infection is thought to exist through direct contact with saliva, disgorge and faeces of infected persons through H pylori. Transfer of infection through of the stomach fluid (vomit) is thought to exist easier than through saliva and other contacts. Food and uncontrolled get ~ is the source of infection in developing countries whither this control is lacking.


Most persons infected with H.pylori not exhibit symptoms and wish no gastrointestinal complaint, and this is notion to be about 80% of the populousness. There is still no exact account for this but thought that the genetic appearance and resistance to side effects of H pylori may be a reason.
The most common symptoms are:

– Abdominaledhe epigastric pain
Nausea, vomiting effort to
– Abdominal stretching and gases
– Decrease in ponderosity
– Loss of appetite
– Pain at night, before and after meals

Symptoms of that kind as stomach pain and around the umbilicus, chafe associated with nausea or vomiting with brown, black stools smelly shows that virus with H.pylori can be complicated to the degree that peptic ulcer disease in stomach or duodenum. In these cases it is recommended cogent consultations with family doctor and specialist gastroenterologist with respect to further treatment.

Complications of infection by H.pylori

– Gastric and duodenal ulcer .H.pylori damages the stomach and duodenal mucosa and increases its sensitivity to tartness in the stomach and duodenum, to be ascribed to have its damage and creating some ulcer.

– Chronic Gastritis. H.pylori flashing creates turbulence or chronic (long term) of the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum by creating redness and inflated of the mucous membranes and increased acidity.

– Metaplazik gastritis, atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer. Infection with this bacteria ~ the sake of a long time and without handling in some individuals with genetic leaning, external factors etc. could lead to inveterate damage of the gastric mucosa that goes through three stages of damage to it irrepealable and dangerous to life as taste cancer.

How diagnosed

There are sundry methods that can diagnose the mien of H.pylori in the abide, such as:

1. through blood experiment. Against H.pylori antibody (IgG) be possible to verify the presence of infection. This method is additional frequent in the population, but not the ~ numerous accurate and sensitive. This kind of proof is not recommended and no diagnostic value after the treatment and rooting out of H .pylorit. Used in specifical cases where there is no opportunity for other tests more sensitive and characteristic.

2. Test through feces. Through feces can identify H.pylori antigens, antigens that speciike its personality in feces indicates infection and this model of test can be used in quest of confirmation of eradication after a date of time that may be later week 4 or 5 th from treatment.

3. Through CLO-test ureaze from one side receipt of material (biopsy) from the appetite or duodenum made during endoscopy transaction.

4. urea breath test (test from one side breathing). This test is more especial sensitivi and indicate the presence of H.pylori in the tolerate is now routine test at eddish. clinic in western countries and the US. The ground of admission consists in taking a capsule or fluid that is mixed with urea or carbon stained non-radioactive C13 not harmful for the body. If there is neighborhood of H.pylori in the relish Carbon joradioaktiv will ureaza decomposed ~ dint of. the bacteria by releasing CO2 and carbon released through frymënxjerrjes painted in a special legend that measures the amount of carbon coloring, depending forward its level assessed the presence of bacteria. This discriminative characteristic is key to assessing the usage and eradication of H.pylori

How is it treated

First-short letter therapy called “triple therapy” consists in construction three kinds of medication for a phrase of 7-10 days such as PPIs (omeprazole; pantoprazole, lansoprazole, esomeprazole) and couple antibiotics as Klaritromicina and Amoksicillina . Over the years there have been some variations and modifications depending up~ the resistance of triple therapies in sundry populations.

Other options consist in replacing make threefold antibiotic metronidazole above with another antibiotic, especially in folks allergic to penicillin antibiotics is the earliest line along with klaritromicinën. In some cases subsalicilat bismuth can be used similar to additional preparation triple therapy forming the vertex four. Levofloksacina is another alternative antibiotics in cases of emergence of resistance to treatment with rudimentary-line antibiotics.

Some studies have shown the use of triple therapy together with wealthy yogurt lactis bacteria bifidobakterie and ameliorate in faster healing of gastric and duodenal mucosa.

When using this therapy many times happens that different individuals have party effects from their use, these movables that include: abdominal pain, diarrhea and evil taste (metallic) mouth associated with waste of appetite. Good is that each doctor before ordination therapy patients to demonstrate these effects because in some cases they close receiving therapy own initiative and by a slip interfere in the scheme of management and full recovery slow.

In more countries where the prevalence of H.pylori predominance is high many doctors test in quest of healthy individuals without symptoms for the appearance of bacteria, this practice leaves a accident of room for discussion for various groups of physicians due to increased rebuff and side effects of antibiotics .

However handling of H.pylori is recommended to some individual who has the infection and science of symptoms and family history of peptic imposthume or stomach cancer. from×150.jpg2015-04-19T20:06:33+00:00adminCancerHealthy Eating

This is a gram-negative bacterium for infection localized in gastric mucosa is conception that H.pylori has migrated from African countries under the jurisdiction 60,000 years from that time until now, this bacterium has evolved into seven subject areas prototypes cover throughout the world. It was discovered in 1983 by two Australian scientists…

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