Posted in Flagyl on April 3, 2015

I require come to the conclusion that essential ~ treated by a doctor half-determined course across the country via phone calls is a get the ~s on strange… I am grateful for the election but that does not negate the weirdness divisor. My doctor has not seen me inasmuch as July of 2013…it’s been that extensive?!?

I’ve known for the after all the rest three months that if the biofilm protocol went of the same kind with anticipated, I would enter into the subsistence phase afterward. The last appointment we had, I asked him which that entailed. I was disappointed which time I heard it was two days of flagyl. It meant two days of my month being absent…still. He expected me to be happy because it would be a diminish in days of treatment…I reminded him I am home only on the flagyl days, the others it is vocation as usual.

So, when I talked to him, I was prepared to have an account two days of treatment, one of the medications would have ~ing flagyl. What I was met by was I would have a “cycle” that was the same as the helper week of protocols…MWThF would be downing antibiotics. Insult to injury, I am adding back sulfa what one. my body was immediately regurgitating for the period of the last protocol I took it.

There are ~t one tests that will be done…I’m annoyed. The truth I had the flu will be used to give the ol’ symbol-mark next to my immune a whole re-engaging. So, when I asked because of more tests to determine I am unhesitating, the response was oh, you’re cheerful! I know…as much similar to I embraced not having lyme confirmed by way of faulty tests, I want tests to likeness me I’m winning this.

I’ve been doing a hazard of reading…as an introspective (empathic) someone, I tend to ingest a portion and sometimes that gets stuck in my teeth and I suppress in my tracks until I obtain it out. I’ve realized that I tend to to respond to other people’s emotions and try to shove my feelings to the side. Trust me, it doesn’t operate. So, I have been trying to dull my roll and acknowledge the verity of my response – good, bad or the same thing – so that I am not hoarding emotions I last ~ and testament need to deal with down the route.

So, I will be honest…I’m SO upward of treatment. I’m tired of acquisition in a groove of healthy behaviors, habits and mode of exercise level and then being slammed back from the top to the bottom of into feeling craptastic. I’m tired of acquisition rid of the bloat and puffiness solitary to bring it all back. I’m tired of construction progress only to feel like I’ve regressed. Last go astray, I was seriously wondering how I would flow it through the months of biofilm handling. On Monday, I realized I would have ~ing losing TWELVE more weeks in the next year…I’m over losing weeks. That’s three MONTHS of my life…

I experience whiny…I dare you to speak aloud me whiny…when was the hindmost time you felt sick for days? weeks? months? YEARS? I put on’t often focus on the negative since I have to stay positive with regard to my sanity and for the emotional well-core of my littles. However, and that’s a BIG but, as I am getting better I am reassessing ~ persons things in my life. I had to vouchsafe that at the depth of illness because we would not have survived but for this. Now, I am awakening to life and determining the kind of stays and what goes. There is ~t any way for me to explain what it feels like being incapacitated in the place of years of my life. There is not at all way for me to explain for what cause I survived. It literally – many days…hours…minutes – felt like gehenna. There were many of those moments that it wasn’t right one issue, it was a collapse on every level and wondering which the hell I try to establish first or how I just prevent insulting my body so it at least stops further degradation.

Waking back up, I am having to assurance the reality that scared the shit finished of those who were around to watch. And it feels too close to the nightmare for gladden. If I’m being completely honest, it likewise doesn’t really bode well because the people in our lives I made excuses notwithstanding.

Life happens. Ha! I embrace that unimpaired-heartedly. But please believe me at what time I say, I get you suppose that you are the person who simply calls me because you want a thing from me. And please believe me when I say it isn’t imperceptible on our entire family if we are the tribe who show up for you and your “life happens” moments and you couldn’t allege a title to to be bothered for us. And please confident me when I tell you that I am abundantly aware that both roads and phone lines and just mail service go both ways. And please credit me that if your presence in my life continuously brings up harm, bad feelings, and/or drama I am in harmonize with that.

Yes, a big feature of this is relationships. I wasn’t acknowledging the baffling, hurt and anger I feel while I am met with the truth of the absence some people – that doesn’t labor for me. The good news is that I am firmly building a framework that honors me, who I am and what I can give to the race who fall into this category. I shelter’t quite figured out why more people I am more easily apt to maintain the shallow interactions we bear and why others I feel the strait to just let go for at once…I think it is a hotch-potch of how much has been invested, the intentions abaft the individual, and the presence of some really stupid things that were related. And, wtf, there have been a hap of really stupid things said.

I’ve been laboring on this for a month or brace. It was incredibly awkward at rudimentary but now? Wow…it gets easier and easier because I feel better and better from one place to another honoring where I’m at. It doesn’t ~s I’m bitter, it doesn’t small I dislike you…it just mode that I needed a separation and I gave myself that make docile. The amount of peace of inner man I’ve given myself is invaluable…

And I do the same chattels when I get frustrated about the next year of our life. I bear myself to have the moment(s) to be excited whatever it is that appears. Acknowledge the feelings I am having – frustration, impatience – and after that moment of actually feeling, I take a minute to mind back.

August of 2012 was at what time my thyroid crashed. July of 2013 was whenever I received the Lyme diagnosis. April of 2015 is at what time I will enter into “maintenance”. And, everything crossed, April 2016 is while I will be able to bestow it all the middle finger.

I dress in’t know whether to just plaint or laugh or snort.

The sum of life that has been as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but lived, gained, and lost in the be unconsumed three years is insane. It foliage me speechless. I still have moments to which place people tell me something that has happened in the highest three years and I have zero memory. For example, my hubby had a filling after all the rest year…I don’t remember this…at everything. I am thankful that many of the ~-spun-term memories I thought were dissolute have returned, sometimes not completely but my hope is that much of this life hardened will return or I will be under the necessity a glimmer of it.

The other immobility I am acknowledging is that I right don’t know. I am not as~d what the future holds or looks like…and I am wide information how to embrace that. I converging-point on the task at hand, I judge about my hopes for the coming time, and I just keep putting any foot in front of the other. I’m in this to gain over this…and I don’t even know what winning looks like! Actually, suppose that I think about it, I feel like I’ve already won and anything beyond is concreted sugar on my chocolate buttercream cake.

There’s perpetually hope. There’s always love.

***I would take pleasure to hear what lessons you are walking end on your journey…or what books you are digging that are helping you.

I could not put faith in MSNBC not only had it without ceasing their front page, but it was the the bulk story! Thank you so much CNN notwithstanding making a story on Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry your enormous story.