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Hi sarahgee,

What your dentist may not have told you is that fix canaled teeth are always infected to some degree because during the root canal procedure the nerve tissue cannot subsist removed from the microscopic canals. So the tooth eternally harbors some degree of infection from the dead nerves interior part those canals. In some people the tooth flares up through symptoms soon after the rc manner of proceeding in other people it can take years in quest of symptoms to develop. However, in both case there is an infection developing.

If you had each abscess which is typical of a bottom canaled tooth for the reasons that I mentioned exceeding, then the antibiotics temporarily subsided the excitement associated with the infection. Which could cause to become the tooth look somewhat “better” ~ward the recent xray. But in being the infection was still present.

Did you regard a general dentist or an oral surgeon? Do you know if the surgeon ~ scrape the bone clean of the periodontal ligature or did he just remove the tooth and inflict a piece of gauze in your opening?

Do you know if there was a cyst at the end of the cause tip prior to the extraction? This would flourish up on the xray as a sombre circle at the root tip appropriate in case the dentist mentioned it or showed it to you adhering the xray.



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Hi Bryanna
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It was a lower left premolar what one. had had root canal root method of treating back in the past. The surgeon ~ took an x-ray a scarcely any days before the extraction and it looked plain of infection.


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