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7 April 2015

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Galaxy S6 Edge
The Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a curved screen, goes in c~tinuance sale next week

Samsung is playing prostrate a report that its new flagship phone – the Galaxy S6 Edge – is “precisely as bendable” as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and breaks completely at a diminish pressure point.

The allegations have been made through a company that sells smartphone refuge plans.

Samsung said that the results “may mislead consumers” and called on the con~ed to carry out a revised ground of admission.

But one expert said it highlighted the hazard of mocking a competitor.

Last September, at a time whenever there were multiple reports that the recently made known iPhone’s aluminium shell left it propense to damage, Samsung posted a tweet stating that its possess Edge phablet was “curved, not bent”.

Samsung tweet
Samsung sent finished this tweet last September

Then in February, at the S6 Edge’s launch event, Samsung’s mobile division marketing especial paused for applause and laughs then she boasted about the new handset’s design in a show containing several comparisons to Apple’s models.

“Not alone does [the glass] look great bound it’s super tough – in truth, it’s the toughest in the market,” said Younghee Lee.

“Also the specific metal that we use is 50% stronger than the metal in other on ~-end smartphones.

“My first tongue may not be engineering, but I bestow know that this [is] tough [and] force of ~ not bend.”

Samsung is not the merely company to have exploited criticism of Apple.

HTC andLG furthermore posted tweets at the height of extreme year’s controversy, with LG going in this way far as to mark one of its posts with the hashtag #bendgate.

Apple later uttered that damage to the iPhone 6 Plus would have existence “extremely rare” during normal employment – a similar point now made ~ means of Samsung about the S6 Edge, what one. goes on sale in the US and UK nearest week.

Galaxy S6 launch
Samsung dedicated a section of its S6 Edge expatiate event to the durability of its phones

Stress tests

The current allegations are based on tests carried out by SquareTrade, which used machinery to simulate forces that it uttered might be experienced by a handset left in a back put up with as well as attempting to make identical the force under which different models versed “catastrophic failure”.

It said that:

Both the S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus deformed then a force of 110lb (50kg) was applied. The shield on Samsung’s phone cracked at this on a par, but the iPhone’s did not

HTC’s latest phone – the One M9 – did not beetle until 120lb, at which point it besides broke and became unusable

The S6 Edge’s breaking point was 149lb, at which ~-carriage it ceased to function

The iPhone 6 Plus stopped working at a force of 179lb

An accompanying video suggested that S6 Edge owners were at jeopardize of a “pocket full of glass” granting that they put their handsets under over much pressure.

SquareTrade test
The test found that the S6 Edge’s fence cracked at the same point that the phone bent

In reply, Samsung said it was confident that its phones would not dispose “under daily usage”.

“The regular force that [is] generated when a bodily form presses the back pocket is about 66lbf (30kgf),” it added.

“Our spiritual test results indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are not bendable even under 79lbf (32kgf), that is equivalent to putting pressure to crack a bundle of five pencils at one time.

“Secondly, even though both face and back sides are exposed subject to the same level of pressure in erect circumstances, this test does not flourish the strength of the back side.

‘Big lesson’

“Some smartphones wish different [levels of] durability in either [of their] front and back sides respectively. SquareTrade has only tested the stand opposite to side, which may mislead consumers with reference to the entire durability of smartphones.”

One unrestrained expert agreed that consumers should not have existence concerned about the durability of the S6 Edge, no more than added there was a lesson to subsist learned.

“This is only a fiction because it made fun of Apple which time it launched the iPhone,” before-mentioned Francisco Jeronimo, research director at the consultancy IDC.

“You’d be in want of to put a lot of compressing in a very specific way to discharge it.

“But it demonstrates that each vendor needs to be very anxious when they compare their devices for the cause that it can backfire on them.

“I ponder that’s the biggest lesson with a view to Samsung: next time if it sees a opponent having a problem, it needs to have existence a lot more careful unless it is 100% doubtless it would not face the like criticism.”

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